Five learnings from my month as a #DigitalMumToBe

If you are thinking about starting an online training course, with a three month old baby and a four year old hooligan in tow, then consider this;

  1. Your baby sometimes won’t nap when you need them to. I knew that. But it used to mean I couldn’t have Netflix-time, or microwave my cup of tea, and now it actually interferes with my well-laid social media plans.
  2. You’ll have the latest nights you’ve had in years. If it isn’t the children keeping me up, it’s the studying. There I was, thinking I would get most of it done during the day. I failed to remember that there are immunisations, eye tests, pilates classes and chores to contend with too.
  3. You cannot be a perfectionist. There is simply not enough time. Videos need to be watched, washing aired, notes made, assignments written, dinner cooked, cats fed, shopping fetched and relationships upheld.
  4. You won’t catch up in the half-term break. I‘ve had to let this dream go, just two days into it. After all, these babies will only be babies once.
  5. You will realise you are taking part in something special. And that makes numbers 1–4 things I can live with, for the opportunity, sense of community, new skills and belief in myself I have gained.

I’m #elearning Freelance Social Media Management with Digital Mums — an amazing #socent that matches small businesses with #mums who are training flexibly to be social media managers.

I’ve got 12 years experience in #onlinemarketing, 4 years experience being a mummy. You can find out more about me here: and here: Zoe Greenall

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