Why you’ll never quit that job you hate

Forget the times your boss made you feel this small, or when you realised the money you were getting out was not justifiable for the hours you slaved away, or for when you dreaded waking up for work and instantly counting the hours until you can leave- you’re just too comfortable.

We’ve all done it. We vow, whilst staring emptily at a computer screen, that this will be the week that the elusive job hunt will begin, and your CV will be gracing the presence of many potential new employers. Does it ever happen? Rarely.

You’ve got to give some to get some

It’s true, but when what’s pulling you towards your job is stronger than what’s pushing you away, you become stuck in a viscous cycle of desire to escape and wanting to stay at your comfy desk forever. It’s understandable, you’ve got your best friends at work, you know everyone by first name in the office, and your boss gives you the occasional bonus that makes you feel like it could be worth it.

I’ll tell you now. It’s not worth it.

In order to have a fulfilling career, we must utilise what is often left in the backseat and pull it straight up front in shotgun. We’ve got to put our happiness first. Honestly, why is it that nowadays we struggle to really take into account what makes us happy, and what makes us miserable, especially with regards to our jobs? I’m not just talking an office job where the mountains of paperwork bore you to death and you’d rather be a Primary School teacher reaping what you sew, I’m talking all sorts of industries here- industrial, educational, and don’t even get me started on hospitality.

What’s really stopping you?

We, living in the 21st Century, have this naughty habit of pretending ‘I don’t have enough time’ to… distribute my CV, cook dinner, plan a date for my husband/wife, watch my daughter in her school play. The list could go on forever, but why should it when we honestly have buckets of time. Comfort does not always equate to happiness. It’s what you make of it, and by doing the things that make you happy and not just comfortable, you’ll get the strength to quit that job which fills your heart with dread every time you thinking about it on a Sunday evening, and start something you want to do.

Quit that waitressing job. I dare you. Find a summer internship in that Nursery down the road where they’ll pay you to look after little ones all day and help out with their Marketing department. Get a job in that bar you love with the hot bartender. Call up that woman you met in that cafe who said her Advertising agency could do with a friendly face like yours around. Really, what do you have to lose?