6 things that all new mums do (but might not admit to)

  • Quickly devour 10 biscuits stood over the sink as soon as the baby falls asleep as you don’t know when you will get the chance to eat again
  • Use a breastpad as a coaster for your cup of tea
  • Wonder why the cat is being so annoying and then realise it hasn’t had food or water for 3 days
  • Spill food on the baby whilst breastfeeding and convince yourself that the baby has some horrific skin disease that turns out to be croissant
  • Vow that you won’t put any pictures of your precious baby on social media and then have to resist the urge to update your profile with pics every 5 seconds
  • When the baby finally has a nap during the day, instead of having a super productive 20 minute bathroom cleaning session you just inhale a bag of crisps and sit on the sofa staring vacantly into space

Can you add anymore to these? Leave yours as comments on the article, I bet there are lots I have forgotten!

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