The Birth

Okay so I said at start the beginning, so I am, with the story of our little girl's entrance into the world

It appeared to be a normal day when I woke up on 6 September. I even said to myself “well she’s not coming today is she.” After a good nights sleep and no warning signs.

About 1030am I got up to let the cat out and suddenly a huge gush of water down below implied to me that something might be happening! I stayed calm as I knew that it can take a very long time before anything happens. I rang the hospital who made an appointment for me to go in for 12 PM. I then rang the husband and I warned him that he might need to leave work early.

Got to the hospital and it was pretty busy so we didn’t get seen for quite a while. When I was checked she said I was 2 cm and she was quite surprised I hadn’t had any contractions yet, I hadn’t, so I decided to go home and she made me an appointment for 7 AM the next day, to be induced if I hadn’t already gone into labour.

I had promised to walk my friends dog as I sometimes do so I decided that I felt okay enough I’ve popped over to his with the husband in tow.

We ended up just letting the dog out into the garden because I felt nervous that I was going to leak on everything! It was a really hot day I might add so I am glad we let the dog out.

So it was about 2 PM when we got back in the car to head home we made a list of things that we want to get the supermarket to take with us to the hospital. (In hindsight both optimistic and a bit stupid!) However as we turned a corner out of his estate, a massive pop told me that my front waters had broken and labour sprung into action.

At this point hadn’t even spoken to my mum to tell her that I had been into the hospital.

By the time we got home I was absolutely well into labour my contractions were 40 seconds long and 20 seconds apart. Although we did manage to have an argument over the contraction timing. (I really don’t think it was the husband’s fault, but I blamed him anyway!)

The husband found time to make a sandwich and even offered me one! It was the last thing I wanted. I actually didn’t mind but he was eating because I figured he would meet the energy later on that day.

One of the hilarious thing is that nobody talks about was the cat. I was having contractions in the bedroom and the bathroom the cat was totally under my feet wondering what was going on so we had to shoo him downstairs and shut him in the living room.

The advice we have been given when we went to the antenatal session at the hospital was the contractions should be one minute apart and one minute long before you ring and asked to come in. I was really confused as mine were 40 seconds long but very close together. After about an hour and 15 minutes. We decided to ring the hospital and get some advice and they suggested that we might want to come in. In my naivety I thought perhaps I might try and stay at home a bit longer as I was really nervous of getting sent home with being told I was only 3 cm or something.

However after about two more contractions I decided that the hospital was probably the best place for me, so we set off in the car. That was when I realised I couldn’t really sit down any longer and that perhaps this baby was closer than I thought.

I think the husband enjoyed the dramatic drive to the hospital and when we got there he was amazing he was running ahead of me up and down the corridors looking for a wheelchair, it was actually a bit of a farce because I didn’t need a wheelchair I needed to deliver the baby and quickly so I walked as quickly as I could to the antenatal ward (or whatever it is called!) with Kev running back and forth behind me.

When I arrived at the front desk it was a little bit dramatic as I had a massive contraction in the receptionists face and about five people came running out and kept telling me that they were midwives and I shouldn’t worry. In all honestly I couldn’t care less who they were at that moment in time, I wasn’t really paying attention. I do remember for a brief 30 seconds feeling totally and utterly terrified and I think I tried to tell them that I was very scared but I don’t think they were paying attention….

After that it becomes a bit of a blur but I remember some significant moments the lovely midwife who was 23 and went to the same university as me said that the baby had lots of lovely hair, this was as I arrived at and she made me lie down (I tried to resist as it was very uncomfortable to lie down at that point) I was in a lot of disbelief I was very confused as I have still convinced myself that I was going to be 3 cm and have to go home.

Anyway, we quickly got into the pushing business and with a bit of gas and air it really wasn’t so bad (although of course it only took me half an hour so I was very lucky).

Bye 4:11 PM our daughter was born and our lives changed for ever….