I miss

I miss the feeling of being in your arms,
The way you would try to keep me from leaving by hugging me tighter.

I miss how you would try to teach me how to play your favorite video games,
The way you would smile and laugh when I would totally mess up,
And when you would put your hands over mine to help me win.

I miss your wonderful smile,
The way you would make me laugh and you smiled because you made me happy.

I miss your laugh,
The way we would look at things on the internet and laugh together,
And how we would get out annuals and laugh at how funny we looked.

I miss your fluffy, out-of-control hair,
The way you always would apologize because it was messy,
And how I never cared if it was messy because you were always handsome to me.

I miss your perfect, sky-blue eyes,
The way they looked at me through the windshield when I was coming to the car,
And how I would get lost in them like they were the ocean.

I miss our late-night talks,
The way we would keep our voices down so our parents would stay asleep,
And how we would talk about the future as if we had any clue.

I miss you like the sky misses the earth, 
And even though it’s been a short amount of time,
It feels like it’s been eternity since we last spoke, 
And I can’t wait to hear your sweet voice again.

I miss you, darling, and I love you to the moon and back.

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