Greek Gods Rule!

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods by Rick Riordan

Greek Gods have never been so hot. And who better to teach you the difference between the god of parties and the goddess of wisdom than the modern Demi-god: Percy Jackson. Riordan has managed to tell much of the Greek myths through his adventure series, Percy Jackson. However, now that so many of us are hooked on the myths there is a desire to learn more about the back story of the gods. And the narrative voice of a modern teenager re-telling the myth not only adds humour, but also highlights the massive cultural differences between Ancient Greece and modern western society. Each god is given a chapter — short and to the point. But when you reach the end of the book you still want more. Then Riordan seems to tease us by saying he couldn’t write another one — which only serves to give hope that maybe another one is in it’s way! A book for those who fancy short adventure stories and those wanting to learn about Greek Gods.

5 stars

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