Rush’s Bombshell Debut

Altered by Jennifer Rush

This is a bombshell of a first book. Literally impossible to put down, Rush seems to have followed the lead of the books she loved as a child — vampire books with their use of tension, drama and the frustration of unrequited love. Anna’s father oversees a project which aims to turn three boys into the ultimate fighting machine. Her life is unusual: home schooled and allowed to help her father in this sensitive experiment, she soon forms a close bond with the boys, despite her position.

Then, when the government agency comes to collect them, there is a rapid change in events and Anna’s securely held beliefs are crushed. There is barely any let up in the tension as the characters run to ensure their freedom and find out the truth behind a chilling experiment. The plot twist will leave you wide eyed with panic. Sometimes it can seem a little dramatic, but the character chemistry and interesting concept explored are enough to make this point negligible. A must read for those who love a great plot and suspense.

4 stars

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