My Favorite Authors that Get Down to Business

Have you ever wondered what genre your book fits into?

I wonder this all the time. I read a ton and still haven’t figured this out.

But it’s so important because if you aren’t classifying your books correctly, they aren’t going to get marketed to the right sort of reader!

How many times have I read a book tagged paranormal romance when it’s really a five-part series where the characters don’t bother bumping uglies until the last book and then it’s a quick skim over all the good stuff? To me that’s classic fantasy or urban fantasy, because those books contain romance too, but aren’t completely focused on the relationship nor follow the traditional romance novel formula of different lovers for every book.

But on the flip side a ton of authors tag their books as paranormal romance when they are really erotic fiction dressed up as another shifter novel where the hero is giving it good and hard to some innocent virgin in Chapter 2. I mean, common I like really kinky hard sex scenes as much as the next girl, but I also like, I dunno…character development, world building, shit maybe a solid plot? I also like anticipation and when the characters are in love quicker than I get my Starbucks mocha, I stop reading right then and there.

So enough complaining, I’m gonna tell you about the authors I’ve read that nailed it. They have a formula and it works. Not all of them subscribe to the traditional formula for romance where each book in a series has a different set of heroes and heroines who struggle to come to terms with how they feel about each other, fighting both internal and external conflicts and finally overcoming all obstacles to be with each other (phew that was a mouthful)…insert dirty comeback here. But all are paranormal romance. No kickass urban fantasy with a little love twist woven throughout, just good old fashioned romance between vampires, shifters, witches, and demons who are getting it on fast and dirty, but where the world building and character development draws you in so hard you can’t put it down.

Paranormal Romance

The Fae Chronicles, or anything by Ameila Hutchins

This is a true fantasy epic with raunchy sex scenes that will make you blush then run to your nearest toy store! This series has in-depth world building where you’re never confused with inconsistencies in the story or characters. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you interested and there’s a ton of action in each book of the series. I would consider this a paranormal romance with dark fantasy undertones where the complexity and torment of the character’s histories lend them credibility and depth. What I enjoy most about the series and Ms. Hutchins writing is that all the characters are flawed which makes them relatable. There’s nothing worse than reading a novel where the heroine is depicted as the innocent, perfect girl next door good doer. You know, their fake-ass Facebook selves. Pleeeease….I want the heroines 3am Snapchat self. And Ms. Hutchins delivers! Every sexual fantasy you didn’t know you had will be described in explicit detail so maybe this shouldn’t be a read on the bus to work book, but lying in bed with your honey book.

Eternal Mates Series by Felicity Heaton

While it’s been a while since I’ve read this series, I’m currently reading Ares, Guardians of Hades and it made me recall these lovely books. Ms. Heaton really nails the traditional romance formula with the paranormal twist. The heated build up of the two characters who want each other from the moment they saw each other gets your engines revved. Yet something is keeping them from sealing the deal. After the characters overcome their angst, their star-crossed worlds and the antagonists that would rather keep them apart, they finally seal the deal. While not as provocative as the Fae Chronicles nor as in depth with the world building or character development, this series is a dependable saucy romance.

Shadow’s Edge, A Night Prowler Novel by J.T. Geissinger (series)

Quite by accident I became a fan and then started writing paranormal romance books due to this series. I’ve always been an avid reader of fantasy books and since I got a Kindle, many of my books have been purchased through their recommendation engine’s suggestions which brought me Shadows Edge. While reading this book I quickly deduced it wasn’t like the traditional fantasy novels I’d been reading…no this was so much more. Like Ms. Heaton’s series, these books follow the more traditional romance rule of girl meets boy, they go through some terrible crisis while eyeing each other like a functioning alcoholic eyes a beer garden with no lines and then boom true love and hot sex. The Night Prowler novels don’t stop there though, the villain in the story is simply evil and lends a flavor of dark fantasy to the books which make them far more intense. There are several layers in the plot that depict power plays, abuse of power, coups, fights against injustice and more, and while those themes are fairly typical in romance and fantasy books, Ms. Geissinger’s makes it feel real and relatable in our world.

Seven Series, by Dannika Dark

I became a fan of Ms. Dark while reading her Mageri series and that’s where I fell in love with the Breed world. However, while I hold the Mageri series dear to my heart, it doesn’t follow my “getting to the good stuff in a hurry” rule for this list of paranormal romance books. However, the Seven Series set in the same world follows through. Each book is about a different brother in a pack of hot shifters who are constantly challenged by their relationships with each other and the women they fall in love with. All the characters have distinct personalities and are admirable in the ways they overcome their past, pain and future hardships, and you find yourself wanting to belong in their inner circle. Hmmm…random thoughts on paranormal romance novel VR games? But I digress. These books consistently bring in enough heart pounding action and plot intricacies to keep you up late at night. While the world building isn’t too in-depth, there is enough to keep you interested as you follow the stories of young paranormals falling in love and finding their lifelong mates. While none of these books are incredibly steamy, they are super addictive because you begin to feel like you are part of the big family that starts right here in Seven Years.

Blackthorn Series by Lindsay J. Pryor.

When I first made this list, guess who was supposed to be on it? Yup, I forgot one of the very authors that inspired me to write this post! The Blackthorn Series is set in a dystopian urban environment. Blackthorn exhibits an unusual twist in the typical dynamic between supernaturals and humans and it’s originality is what’s kept me reading throughout the series. Oh wait, it might have been the juicy sex scenes between the strong female characters and their hot supernatural lovers. Anyway, this is a must read series where intrigue, romance and creative world building takes you to a place where no one is who they seem and everyone is watching you. Think Orwell meets paranormal romance.

That’s All Folks

While that wraps up this roundup of my favorite paranormal romance novels, but the list is far from exhaustive. There are so many more lovelies out there that you should check out and more of my favorites can be found on my Tumblr.

Don’t forget, if you are needing some erotica short stories, check out a few that I’ve written on my blog.

Or if you’re looking for a steamy paranormal romance that follows the rules outlined above check out Firefly, Book One of the De Novo Chronicles:

Just a week ago, Nani thought she was human. Now she’s something more, something deadly and only an ancient vampire can keep her alive from the world she’s become a part of. A world that wants her dead. But even if she can survive with all her newfound power, will the handsome venerable Jacques Larouche help her keep her humanity? Or will he be the cause of her losing all control?

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