Mental health awareness month: Importance of mental health awareness

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Mental health awareness month

Mental health awareness month was first observed in the year 1949 in the month of May. Mental health awareness month was started by Mental Health America Organization. The Mental health awareness month of 2019 has already started and like every year, this year also has come with a theme that is #4Mind4Body. Last year, in 2018 also, the theme was the same which focuses on what individuals do to fit in the future. This year, the theme is expanded by incorporating animal companionship, spirituality, humor, work-life balance.

Objectives of the mental health awareness week

The mental health awareness month was started with some objectives. Its main aim was to create awareness about mental health, reduce disgrace against patients with mental health issues, promoting help-seeking behavior towards mental health patients and their families. With these objectives, mental health America organization tries to form a mentally healthy world. If you want to support the celebration of the mental health awareness week, wear a green ribbon in the month of May.

Importance of mental health awareness

Nowadays, it is very important to create awareness of sound mental health. In the survey, it comes out that every year 19% of the adult population, 46% of teenagers and 13% of children become victims of mental illness. Though many of us are suffering from mental illness, yet only half of them are able to receive proper treatment. It happens because of the fear of stigma which is received by the mental illness patients and their family offered by society. Because of this, most of us do not feel comfortable to talk about our mental illness like depression, anxiety, etc. But mental illness also can be treated if we take the treatment in the starting. Mental illness is nothing else but the physical illness suffered by the brain. Because of mental illness, you may not be able to think properly, there may be a disturbance in behavior energy or emotion and you cannot cop up with the situations. Research is going on to find out the causes which may include genetics, brain chemistry, the structure of the brain, etc. There are various types of mental illness among which mood disorder and anxiety disorder are very common.

It is very important to be aware of our mental health. Along with that, it is also important to offer our helping hands towards patients with mental illness. Though treatment for mental illness is important, more important for a mental health patient is standing by their side. If you know someone is having any kind of mental illness, then talk with them, make them comfortable so that they can share their thoughts with you. Some valuable moments of your life can save someone’s life.

How to take care of your mental health: 5 tips

Love yourself

The primary condition to be mentally healthy is to love yourself. Be kind to yourself and stop being hard over all the small things. Our life is not the bed of roses and every day is not the same. Sometimes you may not get what you want. If you cannot be happy with yourself, it can hamper your mental health also. So always try to be happy what you have, what you are.

Sleep well

Sleep is an essential part of our daily routine. Without enough sleep, you may not able to coordinate with the environment. If you sleep well, you can be happy and healthy, both physically and mentally. Because of the lack of sleep, we may have to face lots of issues which also stop us from working. So get enough sleep and be healthy.


There are lots of meditation techniques are available which can help you to relax your mind. Meditation is like the source of food for our brain. Meditation heals us in various ways like it can decrease the stress level, improve our cognitive functions and also helps us in getting enough amount of sleep. Nowadays, on the internet, you can find lots of meditations steps among which you can pick the suitable one for you.

Set your priorities

In our lives, we take lots of resolution. But in one single life, it is not possible to fulfill all the resolutions. So it will be better if you set an easy goal that is easy to be fulfilled. Then work towards your goal with full dedication and you can surely achieve it. When you can achieve your goals, it can help you by enhancing your self-esteem.

Spend time with nature

To boost up your mental health, try to spend some of your time with nature. Your attachment with nature can help you to be happy. To make a good relationship with nature, try gardening, go for jogging in the park every morning, try hiking, trekking, etc. and also other outdoor activities. Thus you can improve your mental health.

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