Ting: Ask Rumi. Ask Einstein. Ask Nyerere. Ask Jesus.

We want it all, we are a NOW generation. Our lives and attention spans are a-liken to one big microwave…Ting!!

And that’s not the only instantaneous Ting we now have in our lives.

There’s that WhatsApp notification that you have to attend to right now…Ting!

Someone just liked your Instagram photo….Ting!

Everywhere you look, ambition, fame, and fortune are the yardsticks of what success is and it becomes even better if it was instant, viral, overnight and sensational…Ting!!

So many Tings that instantly gratifies. But, are they the same things that truly satisfy?

We are human beings, we all crave for love, validation, and adoration. But let’s remember that first and foremost, we are a spirit being, we possess a soul & just live in a body.

Our bodily flesh craves for instant stimuli…quickies, selfies, and drive-ins…Ting!

But our spirits crave for something different, something immortal. Something that can not be quantified.

The simple things that money can’t buy.

Like the sunset over the savannah, or a newborns baby smile.

The things that take patience, conviction, and perseverance.

Like standing for something you truly believe in, or building your dream, one small brick at a time.

The things that may not be mainstream but hit a note with you.

Like listening to Bach on a rainy day with your candles on, skinny dipping on a mountain river, or walking barefoot.

Things that transverse time and space.

Like laughing with your friend till your stomach hurts or looking back and realizing that someone has been consistently there for you throughout the years.

Our flesh will decay. But guess what if tended to & nurtured will live forever? Our spirits.

Ask Rumi. Ask Einstein. Ask Nyerere. Ask Jesus.

Ask someone who truly loved you.

They will tell you.

Because, they are still here with us.