Autumn kissed me once and hard today and now won’t talk to me.

This cemented those arrows that light up the hot and heavy night

And Autumn’s clear fingers keep dragging down

The dimmer switch and it’s not pretty, not quite pretty at all.


I won’t talk until I can paper mache a roof out of dead dry leaves.


(Is that bad? I am asking for too much?)


(Of course it’s bad.)


If I dump a bucket of water on this floor, will the room stop shrinking?


I’m going to start a campaign.

I’ll lobby for a national registry of plant killers.

It’ll buy us all some time.

I’ll be the first name on the list.

My picture will be up in every Home Depot in the New York metropolitan area.


Autumn, put on your best dress and come down to the city hall with me.

We’ll get a marriage license and carve rings out of the tops of acorns.

We’ll build a false Spring and watch it all grow without a word.