Counterpoint: I’m a Liberal, and Shut The Fuck Up.

No seriously, shut the fuck up.

We don’t need more thinkpieces in this format. You being a liberal lends absolutely zero additional validity to your arguments when they’re about giving hate a bigger platform, or a fair shake, or whatever you’re on about now.

You probably think you’re being “true” to the notions of tolerance and acceptance that the left ostensibly stands for, but you’re less Sorkin hero and more D&D rules lawyer trying to argue with the DM and derailing the entire game night so that you can feel like you won a debate that no one but your ego benefits from.

There is nothing to be gained from helping you master-debate yourself. Your arguments aren’t worth engaging in when you’re so hyperfixated on the act of debate itself that you have zero interest in the realities of what you’re asking for and how they might affect other people. The only response I have for you is you’re being a petty little turd baby and need to Shut The Fuck Up.

The devil doesn’t need more advocates, but feel free to go right to hell all the same.

This was originally in response to “I’m A Liberal, And I Want Milo Yiannopolis On Campus”, but these things flop up so commonly that you can feel free to apply it to anyone else who needs to be told to shut the fuck up.