10 Ways to Make Your Tweets More Shareable

Twitter is one of the most reliable social marketing tools available right now, because it allows you a more personal interaction with your followers.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or represent an established business, or even an individual that want to grow and promote his personal brand, you could get a solid following on Twitter if you use it right.

So how can Twitter boost your business and sales? You just need to get your Tweets noticed by as many people as possible. If your tweet is interesting enough, it gets shared and shared and your audience expand to include people who have not followed you (yet). It’s simple…. or is it?

Here are our tips to make your tweets more “shareable”:

#1 Schedule your tweets after office hours and during weekends when people are not bothered with the workload.

Start scheduling your tweets after 6 PM or during weekends. But you know, rules are made to be broken, so why not scheduling your posts during office hours (around the lunch break for example) on weekdays and see what happens. The best strategies come up after a lot of testing different scenarios.

#2. Maximize your 140 characters limit

Don’t let the “140 characters” rule limit your creativity. While this can be a source of frustration for some, let it be an opportunity to improve your writing skills.

#3. Add hashtags to your tweets to make them more “discoverable”

#4. Add pictures or GIFs to your Tweets

Extend your “140 characters limit” with a thousand more words with every picture you add to your tweets. And don’t forget about the GIFs that will bring life into your tweets!

#5. Go premium and use Twitter ads

By availing of the Promoted Tweets, you are trying to widen your audience to include Twitter accounts not on your Followers list so your reach now has become twice or thrice what you would get ordinarily.

But remember the more you tweet, the more you will be able to practice these tips. Read the entire list of tips here.

Originally published at www.blogboosterpro.com on October 14, 2015.

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