While we’re all aware of Anki and their Cozmo robots’ passing, we should be focused on — and excited about — the fact that they sold over 1.5 million robots. That’s a huge consumer adoption of a relatively new technology, customers willing to take a chance on something new, customers that were clearly excited about the promise of robotics in their home. What’s important is that these are lively robots — robots with a face, with the beginnings of personality, versus simply robots that have replaced over 20% of the world’s vacuum cleaners. …

What is a neural network?

To understand what a neural network is, we need to first understand the basic concept of machine learning. In supervised learning, we are almost always trying to make a prediction, based on a series of data we have.

For example, we have a basket of cherries and blueberries. At position [X1_1, X2_1], we have a cherry; at position [X1_2, X2_2], we have a blueberry; as so on. The machine learning problem we are trying to solve is, if we pick up the fruit at position [X1_n, X2_n], will this be a cherry, or a blueberry?

As the companion robot industry grows — an industry in which we make robots not just to assist us with a particular task, but to make us happy — it’s time to analyze exactly what makes a companion robot. What are the secret ingredients to designing a convincing character? What are the essential principles to fully deliver on the promise of this industry to build something worthy of a truly emotional connection with a user?

The most fun thing about creating a companion robot, is that you will be standing on the intersection of art, technology, and psychology. This is…

For many years, we’ve been dreaming of a world where we live alongside with robots. They would help us with household chores, workspace security, and miscellaneous tasks, so we can focus on the fun, creative, productive work.

If we look around us, that future we are envisioning is already happening. The Roombas are roaming around on the floor, picking up any dust on its route; the KnightScope robots are marching on the mall floors and parking lots, scaring away any malicious attempts; and the Coffee Making Robots are working day and night, serving us freshly brewed coffee.

Can we say…

By Mita Yun, Founder and CEO

(based on Mita’s April 22, 2019 post on The Next Web)

When we talk about our Alexa having a personality of her own, we’ll describe it as her responding to certain things in a certain way — what she does or doesn’t do based on a question or request.

That’s because Alexa doesn’t really have a personality. Almost every AI or voice-based product won’t — it’s not really expected. …

Kiki by Zoetic AI

Kiki, the robot that touches your heart. Website at kiki.ai

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