You’ve spent thousands building your website, so why aren’t your readers or potential customers sticking around? The answer? Your content strategy isn’t strong enough! A high bounce rate (traffic that only visits one of your website’s pages) is a common problem for many businesses. So, how do you solve this and how do you keep visitors engaged in your website? It’s time to take a deeper look at your content strategy.

An effective content strategy will help you to build your brand identity, create trust with customers, promote your business and gain leads to maximise your return on investment. But, how does this relate to keeping readers engaged in your website?

Your website content plays a huge part in converting readers into customers. Making just a few tweaks to your content can help gain your audience’s attention for longer and boost conversion rates.

A few problems that may be driving your readers away

1. You’re not connecting with your target audience

Understanding your target audience will help you to connect with them so you can sell your services or product. Your target audience are those customers who are going to remain loyal to you, continually buy your products and recommend you to others, so it’s highly important to connect with them via your website and marketing.

Let’s say you’re selling a luxury pair of socks. Your ideal customer is likely to be someone with a high disposable income who can afford to purchase a pair of socks at a more expensive price tag than the average high street price. Therefore, your website content needs to speak directly to this customer. Whether it’s creating an inspiring vision to connect with your ideal customers passion points or using an affluent tone of voice to attract the younger market, understanding the needs and desires of your audience will keep them engaged and drive sales conversions.

2. You’re not producing inspired content

Whether it’s pages of long text or content that’s too short to make an impact, ensuring your content is readable will keep your visitors attention for longer. A few effective techniques for making your content readable include;

· Using sub-headings to break up long text

· Including images and multimedia like podcasts and video to keep your readers enthralled

· Using bullet points or numbers points

· Linking to other articles on your website — internal links boost SEO and encourage your readers to discover more of your content.

However, it doesn’t stop there! Bland, boring content isn’t going to inspire any reader, whether you make your content more presentable or not. That’s when power words come in! Power words are words that stir emotion and when used correctly can transform your copy from drab to fabulous. Let’s look at an example. Say you’re writing an article on your new body scrub and you want to make your readers feel enthusiastic or excited about the product. A few words you could include in your content are ‘breathtaking’, ‘mind-blowing’, ‘uplifting’ or ‘wonderful’. With these words attributed to your new product, your readers will be inspired to make a purchase to feel the emotions conveyed within your text.

3. Your content isn’t prompting your readers to take action

Using a call to action within your web content and articles helps to keep readers on your site and encourage them to make a purchase. Whether you’re directing your readers to a sale page, asking them to contact you or urging them to sign up to your email list, a great call to action prompts your readers to act.

A call to action within your text can be as straightforward as ‘Call us today for a free quote’. Keeping your call to action simple and only asking your audience to compete one task is less likely to confuse your audience. For example, ‘Visit our showroom or call us now’ may be overwhelming for your audience. Should they visit or should they call? What do you want them to do? Instead, opt for one clear call to action like ‘call us today’ — this is a direct call to action which creates a sense of urgency and importance.

It’s also essential to have a call to action button on your websites homepage. Take a look at the example below.

This company’s product has a bold button to attract attention and encourage sales conversion. You’ll also notice that the main benefit of the product is mentioned ‘online meetings made easy’ — a great marketing tactic to use.

Taking into account these three elements will help you to keep readers engaged in your website and boost sales. If you require assistance in creating actionable content for your website, look at my copywriting services.