To The Boy That Will Love Me Next

My heart has been hurt a lot of times and in a lot of different ways. I have a bad habit of running in the opposite direction when somebody wants me to let them in.

I’m scared of love. I probably won’t believe most of the things you tell me at first & I won’t open up to you as quick as most people do. I’ve been lied to and broken down a handful of times so please don’t get mad when I distance myself after you send me a cute long text or take me out on a date or something like that. I know you’re gunna tell me that you’re not like the others and you’re not gunna hurt me like they did but in reality I have no idea if you will or not. So many people told me the exact same thing and eventually they tore me down to a point I thought I’d never reach.

I’m hard to love. Please don’t try to move too fast. I’m not trying to waste your time or mine so I will say if I like you or not. But just because I like you doesn’t mean I want to be with you right away. Just give me time and I will eventually open up and give you the love that you deserve to have. I always take things to the heart and bad memories tend to stick with me so I’m sorry if I compare you to things that have happen to me in the past.

Sometimes I need to be reassured of things. I’m sorry for all the times I’ll ask you how much you truly do care for me or if you actually do love me. Please don’t get mad. I’ve had so many people walk away from me when they said they wouldn’t & it has done its damage to me.

And thank you. Thank you for not letting go of me and fighting for me when all I tried to do was push myself away. Thank you for understanding that I’ve been hurt a lot in the past and sometimes all of that hurt just haunts me. Thank you for accepting me and loving me for who I am. It means a lot to me. Even though I may not say it does. Thank you for picking up my broken pieces and putting them back together again. Thank you for loving me.

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