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This post contains mentions of suicide and methods of suicide, some graphic and some implied, in the context of creating a safety plan. Suicide is not the answer. I survived it and you can too, I promise. Help is out there. Call 1–800–273–8255 or reach out to the Crisis Chat.

There are always a lot of “support your loved ones” posts after a very public suicide. Most of those posts don’t contain concrete advice beyond generic calls for support and the suicide hotline number and chat line.

This isn’t a knock on the suicide hotline. I’ve shared it before, including…

“It doesn’t matter how you do it, just lose the weight”

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Note: This essay contains mentions of eating disorder behaviors, self-harm, fatphobia, and weight loss surgery. Although I tried to be as vague as I could around specific behaviors, there are parts of this that may be difficult to read if you are actively struggling with an eating disorder. Help and support are available. Please reach out to the National Eating Disorders Association. Recovery is possible.

The first time my doctor mentioned my weight, I was about 11 years old. I was a chunky kid, like I’d always been. When I came up to the plate during kickball, the other kids…

Dear Councilmembers,

I am writing to you to encourage the swift passage of MHA without delay. I was born in West Seattle. I grew up here my whole life, and apart from my years away at college, I have lived in Seattle, in the home I was born in, for 21 years.

The reason I still live in the home I was born in is because it is utterly impossible for me to afford to live outside my parents home in this city. My parents are lovely. …

This piece contains vivid discussions of suicide and self-harm.

In 12 days I will turn 21. I never expected to make it past 15. I spent my last two years of high school pushing for perfection, working for As, becoming one of the best debaters in the state of Washington, and planning to graduate high school early. I also spent those years planning to die.

I think in some ways I thought if I was the perfect student, with a plan for the future, people wouldn’t notice the “blackberry bush scrapes” running up my arms. They wouldn’t notice that my…

President Trump’s attacks on the media are not new. He routinely calls fact-based reporting with upwards of ten sources “fake news.” He blames the “crooked media” for the fact that our country is more polarized and divided than it has been in decades.[i] The Associated Press describes these attacks as “unprecedented” and they are obviously having an effect, with only 41% of Americans trusting the mass media to “fully, accurately and fairly” report the news. [ii] The president himself admits that “Now, maybe I had something to do with that.”[iii]

However, even those mass media outlets that are by and…

I believe in restorative justice.

And that means I believe in it for the men who’ve groped me in class and in clubs. I believe in it for the woman who raped me. I believe in it for the men who’ve made jokes about assault. I believe in it for the grown men who harassed me when I was a teenager.

I believe in restorative justice. But I also believe in consequences. As a nanny, I try to teach my kiddos natural consequences. If you refuse to wear a coat, you’ll be cold. …

Hey friends 👋 let’s talk about HR 620 and the House’s BIPARTISIAN attempt to roll-back all the hard won victories of the American’s With Disabilities Act.

Please read this and then call your Member of Congress. Disabled people put their bodies on the line to fight for the Affordable Care Act. Now we need you fighting for us.

Right now, buildings have to be ADA accessible. That’s the assumed state of being. If a building isn’t accessible, then a disabled person, like myself, can make a civil claim to try and force the building’s owners to comply.

Spoiler alert: we have to make complaints like that a lot. Many places are still non-compliant.

What this new…

Zoey Jordan Salsbury

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