The House is trying to end the Americans with Disabilities Act as we know it

Hey friends 👋 let’s talk about HR 620 and the House’s BIPARTISIAN attempt to roll-back all the hard won victories of the American’s With Disabilities Act.

Please read this and then call your Member of Congress. Disabled people put their bodies on the line to fight for the Affordable Care Act. Now we need you fighting for us.

Right now, buildings have to be ADA accessible. That’s the assumed state of being. If a building isn’t accessible, then a disabled person, like myself, can make a civil claim to try and force the building’s owners to comply.

Spoiler alert: we have to make complains like that a lot. Many places are still non-compliant.

What this new law would do, is place the onus on disabled people from the start. It removes any incentive for businesses to proactively comply with the ADA. They aren’t required to make the building accessible until a disabled person meets an obstruction and has completed the detailed notification process.

Even then, the only action the business is required to make is “substantial progress” in removing the barrier described in the notice. A business could wait years without actually removing barriers and face no penalty, as long as it can show “substantial progress” was made.

The House Judiciary Committee just passed the bill onto the full House. They’re already celebrating and touting it as a bipartisan effort.

Don’t get us wrong, people do try and abuse ADA lawsuits, just like they try and abuse all sorts of lawsuits. But that doesn’t mean that disabled people deserve to be punished for that abuse by losing protections we desperately need.

There are so many other, better, ways to prevent abuse of ADA lawsuits that wouldn’t hurt disabled folks. This is a good explainer:

Businesses have had TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS since the ADA was passed to get their buildings in compliance. We cannot go backwards now.

Here is a script, and your Representative’s number. PLEASE CALL NOW:

Here are some amazing Twitter threads by disabled activists if you need even MORE convincing of how important the ADA is:

Thank you ❤

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