Let’s all get HUMPED!

The Hump! Film Fest was in LA this past weekend and I convinced my “I hate artsy fartsy shit” husband to come along, promising naked bodies and kinky sex. The 22 shorts definitely did not disappoint.

Hump! is billed as an amateur porn film festival hailing from our neighbors in the Pacific Northwest so you know to expect a certain level of weirdness. Dan Savage has his name attached and he makes some gracious statements that the festival celebrates all body types, sexual orientations, genitalia, kinks, etc. Even so, there was an overwhelming lack of diversity in the films. Perhaps due to the festival’s humble roots in the Pacific Northwest. This was my first time attending, so I’m not sure if past films have included more kink, more people of color, more anything that isn’t yet another hot young dude pounding a hot young guy’s ass or hot young girl’s pussy.

What this year’s festival lacked in colorful representation, it made up for with its crude yet clever humor. You can immediately spot the titles that were going to be in the running for the festival’s humor prize. It kicks off with “Hysterical Bullshit” which sets the tone of what to expect. A forced orgasm during a reading of Mike Huckabee’s God, Guns, Grits and Gravy? How cruel! And then there was the cringey mockumentary “The Collector.” I was honestly anticipating the likes of Reddit’s infamous cumbox but nope, it went beyond that and I’ll never look at mason jars and overnight oats in yogurt the same again.

The festival ultimately delivered on its promise of exhibiting human sexuality. The people in these films are beautiful and they fuck beautifully to beautiful soundtracks. In “Blown,” you get a Maysles-esque documentary that takes you into the most intimate moments between two men embracing their bodies and orgasms. In “Cake Boss,” you get these extreme closeups that are artfully shot yet you still maintain a sense of voyeurism, that you as an audience member are peeping into the erotic lives involving these two flawless bodies. Even when the themes dive into the truly weird as it does in “Lube Dispenser,” there’s still an overwhelming amount of pleasure you derive as an audience member because the sex isn’t overly produced as it is in mainstream porn. And that’s quite a feat, so bravo to the filmmakers and everyone involved.

Other highlights from the evening included the best use of dicks on a green screen, “Film Bonoir” and “Level Up” which had the best group sex scene and spoiler alert… took home the ultimate grand prize.

Hump! Tour is happening now. See tour dates here: https://humptour.boldtypetickets.com/

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