The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Polycule

Even if gift-giving isn’t your love language, here are a list of the best things for everyone in your polycule.

Note: If this is helpful at all, please consider signing up and making your purchases via this thing that I still call ebates.

For the service provider darling in your life, off-duty stripper apparel: “Tip Her” Hat, $25,

“Tip Them” also available

Stripper merch is my favorite merch. 2020 has been a rough year so let’s make sure to TIP your favorite sex worker too. This is part of Jacq the Stripper’s shop where she also has amazing art aka thirst trap commissions!

For your partner who overpacks their overnight bag and is always toting things around, the bag of all bags: Apolis market bag, $25,

I’m a bag lady who stores everything in bags from dildos to Peloton cleats to library books. It’s in a bag somewhere. The Apolis bag is a favorite because the bag is made out of jute (aka the good stuff that rope people get tied up with) and the straps are leather (aka how I like my straps). This is my everything bag.

For the good smells person in your life: Boy Smells: Polyamberous, $39,

⚠️ This is not body-safe. Beeswax melts at a way too high temperature for wax play. ⚠ ️That also means it should last longer and the smells are so yummy. This is best reserved for a metamour who appreciates puns and the gold aesthetic.

For body safe wax play with consenting partner(s), a gorgeous candle: Curvy nude woman candle, $12,

H/T: Gee Thanks I Bought It!

I fucking love the shape, the colors, and that it’s safe for wax play.

For the entire polycule: Poly Scout Badges, 30€ + shipping,

Poly Scout Badges, 30€ + shipping,

This is a super cute project from Cosima Siegling I got wind of via the Berlin Poly Meetup Community.

For the kinkster(s) in the polycule: “Definitely Not Bondage Stuff” toy storage bag, $22,

Great for bondage and non-bondage stuff.

For the anti-unicorn hunter in the polycule: “Unicorn Tears” color-changing tea, $17, Par Avion Tea

Unicorns have jumped the shark. Including unicorn-hunting. Don’t be that couple looking for a unicorn!

For the budding psychoanalyst in the polycule, or anyone really: “Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy” by Jessica Fern (Thorntree Press), buy from your local bookstore or via indiebound

This is also to plug the book club and discussion about this coming up on Sunday December 27 at 5pm. I feel like this was the missing from the holy trinity of polyam textbooks (The Ethical Slut, Opening Up) and I’m eager to dive into the material. If you want to sign up for book club, RSVP here.



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