Climate Change Solutions Not Trillion-Dollar Band-Aides

Zoe Zuniga
May 31, 2019 · 4 min read

We need to change directions fast to undo the damage we have done to our lovely planet.
Things are happening so rapidly that we are about 50 years behind, but we can still catch up if we think in a radically new way about our predicament.

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How is doing the same old thing going to bring us a new solution?
We are spending billions of dollars putting our finger in the dike with the same old systems that got us into this ecological mess in the first place. Instead, we need to scrap the old model to build a better solution.

Examples of Band-Aid solutions
• Florida is spending 4 billion to try to shore up its crumbling infrastructure as water seeps in through the limestone by several inches per year.
• New York City spent 45 years and billions of dollars on building 2 new subway stops
• Road maintenance for the US is over 4 billion per year when individual car ownership should be a thing of the past.
• It is going to take 4.5 trillion dollars to repair the crumbling infrastructure of the US by 2025.

We can’t keep doing things the way we have been and expect to survive as a species. We need a big picture plan for a green sustainable human habitat, and we needed it yesterday.

J Morris Hicks, The Big Picture Guy, suggests we sack the whole crumbling behemoth and start over with a new Green Belt called GRATOLA.

Luckily, J. Morris Hicks, The Big Picture Guy has come up with a plan that just might save the species.

GRATOLA stands for “Green Region Atlanta to LA”

“Gratola is the first of four envisioned corridors in the USA under the oversight of a future agency, AGRA (American Green Region Authority). When completed, those corridors would house some 300 million Americans in an area about the size of Oregon.”
~J. Morris Hiks

Hicks sees the US as the place to build the prototype for a new way of living that takes nature into account. It makes sense for us to get started in the USA since we have been the leader in the destruction of the ecosystem. It’s our duty to do something about it.

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GRATOLA would be a ten-mile-wide corridor with a hyperloop system running down the middle with three tracks in each direction. One for freight, one for people, and one for food transport. This way, people would be able to live and work anywhere along the hyperloop line and still be home for dinner.
The reason for the 10-mile width is for easy biking and walking.

GRATOLA would have no private automobile use, grow all of its own food locally, and be plant-based, fully recycling everything. Gratola would include green buildings, regenerative farming, and sustainable models for everything.

The Atlanta to LA corridor makes sense for the first model because there are no significant mountains in the way, and it is far enough from rising sea levels and floods to be sustainable long term. The southern location is ideal for solar energy and for showcasing our model to the world.

Hicks thought of this location because he had hitched that route as a college student and remembered how much wide-open space there still is. Building in the southern part of the continent would be a way to get started on the plan without disrupting more developed parts of the US.

But we need funding, and the government isn’t going to step up unless we get started. Hicks has even thought of an idea for that.

The billion-dollar dream team for survival,
Hicks envisions a coalition of power and influence. With over 2000 billionaires in the world, there have to be ten who would be willing to get this thing started.

What would happen if even a few of these influential people got together to promote and fund an organized solution to climate change?

If you think this is a good idea, please share the message of GRATOLA. Let’s find a way to get a few billionaires excited about a unified effort to end climate change together.
A creative idea for saving our civilization.
Read the whole GRATOLA Series on J.Morris Hicks site.

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