Houdini and the Holographic Universe

There really is a reason you might be drowning in your own self-created-poop

Do you ever wonder what the point of life is?

Why the all mess and bother?

Why soldier on?

This just isn’t turning out at all the way you expected… or is it?

Let’s just say for a moment that all these scientists and philosophers are right about this holographic universe idea: Michael Talbot, Bill Tiller, Robert Sheinfeld, Mathew Ferry, et al, are right about the nature of reality. It isn’t what it appears to be at all.

Let’s just act as if this is a virtual reality that we have created for a game of “Earth”. We get ourselves connected up to these cute growable earth suits. Then we choose parents, location, general circumstances and the level we want to play at.

(Me at age 2 in a fresh new earth suit. Mom was half asleep one morning and tried to dress me in her underpants so we laughed and put the bra on too and took a photo)

What level are you playing “Earth” at?

Did you choose a playing level that is too difficult or too easy? Is your life a constant challenge or one big snore?

Did you choose excellent supporting actors for the game? Are you constantly arguing with them? Is it smooth sailing, or a nice mix of sweetness and caca?

I really like a challenge!

I decided to come down here and push myself a bit this time around. No more easy stuff for me. It is tedious to have a supportive family, friends, stability, and lots of money.

That game is for babies and sissies!

I wanted to tie myself up and lock myself down just like Houdini did in that trick where he had himself put in chains with a bunch of locks, then he had himself put in a locked chest with many more locks and finally… thrown into the bay.

Photo by Eddie Howell: Unsplash

I opted for a total blackout as far as memories and lots of blind spots and a few well-hidden disabilities thrown in to make sure it would be fun and challenging enough down here on the playing field.

If you get yourself out of a lockdown like this you hit top level magician. If you don’t get yourself untangled you are dead, no points this game and back to level 1 or 2, all your assets are taken and you’re starting from scratch.

Just make sure you have really good divers standing by to step in as needed.

My set up was to pick one of the most degenerate, unhealthy, negative family and community situations available during the historical era I where chose to enter the game.

Simply being poor wasn't good enough for me this game. I chose to be indoctrinated with a belief system of victimhood, poverty, and hatred. The government was bad, men were bad, the concept of family was bad, life sucked and there was nothing but this skin sack, not even a soul or higher entity. And at the end of life, there was just death.

It was all randomly created, and it was all out of our control.

We had welfare, squalor, and cockroaches.

I made sure to choose a mom who would drag me around from city to city and state to state so I got a nice sampling of 14 different schools and 20 or 30 homes before going off to work for a living and eventually, to art school.

I signed up for unsupervised drinking, pot, and a bad LSD trip all before the age of 14.

It was all super-duper dramatic with a grandma who committed suicide when I was six after giving me her jewelry box. I was the last one to see her alive.

Pretty juicy!

There were tons of relationship mishaps, lots of shame, and all kinds of financial misfortunes.

It was all very drama-filled with tons of ups and downs, emotional turmoil and disappointment galore. The game has felt intensely real and very scary at times.

It has been better than the best rollercoaster in the world.

My family members could not have been made up in fiction. I did an incredible job casting supporting roles for this life!

I cast a fantastic actor to play mom

She is a versatile actor, composer, playwright, and puppeteer, with an acerbic sense of humor, a huge hatred of family and humans in general, and men especially, and an extremely developed fear of death.

Mom sticking to her one book per day reading schedule 1965

I cast a missing father who was a rakish devil with two wives and three litters of kids all strewn across the country. I even thought up a half-brother who tried to seduce me and a wonderful half-sister who is a hoarder and brilliantly gifted creative genius.

I set up a belief system that was reinforced for the first 17 years of life that was as negative and fear-based as possible.

But I also programmed in a strong hunger for positivity, spirituality and a creative drive that just won’t stop.

I know, kind of wimpy, but I had to program in something good if I was to remember who I am and win the game.

I kind of think I have started to break free!

It’s hard to gauge progress from inside the game. You can’t really see the scoreboard all that well. And it doesn't matter if you win or not but I would really like to go up a level for the next round.

We all come here for the challenges and surprises, right?

If I get out of this one without drowning in my own self-created-poop I’ll reach level 10 for the next round of “Earth”. If not, it really is no big deal. I have very good divers standing by to get me out of here safely.

So how do you think this all works? Have you had any interesting insights lately about playing Earth?


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