The ONE secret ingredient to skyrocket your health, wellbeing, relationships & biz in 2018!

What’s your potion for 2018? Photo credit: Raventhorne

My social media feeds are flooded with “words of the year”, pictures of 2018 planners being cracked out, and many different ways of looking at how we can make THIS year THE year, especially when 2017 was so tough for so many of us.

I’ve also been reflecting on what would really move the needle for me this year in all the significant areas, and I keep coming back to one thing, which I actually learned way back in the Winter of 2013–2014, but which I conveniently seem to keep forgetting in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. (I know I’m not alone in this!)

We were sleeping on the floor in a ground floor flat that looked out onto a concrete wall and which felt permanently damp and airless despite the alternation of dehumidifiers and open windows. Life was grim.

What was that thing? At the time it felt like a bright light of pure connection — to myself, to the world at large, and to the thing I wanted more than anything in the world at that time — to feel HEALTHY and vibrant. I was at my worst point in my Topical Steroid Withdrawal recovery, and I remember November 2013 being a particular low as my symptoms rose to their zenith (though I didn’t know it at the time). I was also still in the throes of intense loss and confusion as a mother, having just experienced a late miscarriage a few months before. And our financial situation was so dire we could barely afford to buy the bath salts and basic oils I needed as a minimum to ease my chronic discomfort. We were sleeping on the floor in a ground floor flat that looked out onto a concrete wall and which felt permanently damp and airless despite the alternation of dehumidifiers and open windows.

Photo credit: Alex Ronsdorf

Life was really quite grim, in fact. I have deliberately shut out memories of that time and that house because they are so unbearably painful. But snatches of them come to light periodically — like the time I was spending yet another night in the bath and to distract myself I piled a bunch of recipe books on a chair next to the bath and proceeded to read through them all, seeking out and marking simple recipes I thought I might attempt for hub’s birthday breakfast the following day. That sticks out to me because it was infused with this magic ingredient I am addressing here, and that one thing alone was what gave me a sense of purpose, of wellbeing and even happiness during such a painful time.


You have likely heard about the power of intention before: I’m not reinventing sliced bread here. But I can almost guarantee that intention is put really what you THINK it is!

Hers what intention is not:

  • Intention is not the same as goal-setting. Your goals usually come in list form and range from being pretty general (“I want to get fit this year”) to quite specific (“this year I will lose 10lbs and fit into my skinny jeans again”).
  • Intention is not a purely mental exercise, though it’s can be an important part of it. For example, when we take our yogic intention of “May all beings be happy, healthy and whole”, it’s not enough to simply think (or even say aloud) those words.
  • Intention is not something you do once on January 1st and then forget about! (Or only remember later in the year with feelings of guilt and shame).
  • Intention is not what everyone else is doing, because it seems like the ‘right’ thing to do, or because of the zeitgeist.

Intention is a visceral, truly integral and embodied FEELING which you connect to deliberately and consciously at regular intervals. It is like a golden thread which (if you connect and allow) draws you forwards into your best, most aligned and fulfilled self.

Photo credit: Darkday

What is that feeling? Spoiler alert! It’s THE feeling! You know, that one you hope to one day, hopefully, possibly, if all the stars are aligned and a new president is elected and there are no big natural disasters, and you win the lottery at the same time as finally fitting into your skinny jeans — THAT feeling?

I finally wove together the strands between dreaming and creating, using that golden thread of intention.

What if you aligned to that NOW?

This is what I did back in our grungy, soul-less flat as my skin burned and shed and oozed and I didn’t sleep, and I couldn’t hug my kids or play with them, and we had debt-collectors at the door regularly and struggled each week to buy nutritious food to keep us all healthy. I finally wove together the strands between dreaming and creating, using that golden thread of intention.

And my god, it was miraculous! Within just a couple of months of connection regularly to the feeling I wanted to create in our lives (including my own health and vibrancy), my symptoms began to disappear, I found I could actually move again (instead of huddling in a tight ball, petrified to incur the pain and panic attack any slight movement inevitably brought on). Moreover, a rebate for a few thousand pounds landed on the doormat one day, instantly relieving us of our immediate financial stresses and allowing us to book a simple but much-needed family holiday.

Zoë leading a retreat session at Powderham Castle. Photo credit: Julee Jacobs

Intention is the reason 2014 was a pivotal year for me in every way. Just a few months after connecting with that inner light, peace and purpose, I was back to teaching!

And naturally, it was also the birth of Life Energy Alchemy and everything it stands for.

Here’s the real take-away here that I hope you will muse on, not just intellectually, but physically and emotionally: without intention, we move through life as reactionaries — like debris caught by the tide. In our daily lives, there are a million and one things to carry us off, into that eddy or this, and it takes no time at all for us to lose sight of our best-laid plans. With intention, you become part of the tide, moving with natural purpose and rhythm. You are in control; you have a say in where the tide takes you!

In short, intention is EVERYTHING. And I promise you that regularly connecting to yours this year will make 2018 pivotal for you in all the arenas you care deeply about.

It’s as simple as figuring out how you want to feel. Then allow that feeling to permeate your entire being, inside-out. (Yes, it’s GOT to start from the inside folks!).

I can already see you there, weaving your golden webs. WOW! What a year, you’ll say… incredible!

If you need help setting your intentions or getting connected with them, drop me a line — I’d be so happy to help!

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Here’s to a fabulous, connected, integral and joyous 2018!