CoreOS newtech

Learning new technology seems go in see-saw kind of motion. You feel stupid — enlightened over and over. Tracking issues in CoreOS is like that, being used to traditional set of Debian/RedHat (and friends) tools it throws you for a loop to track down something insignificant. And when you find it you realize that you are not really comfortable yet to forage forward and fix it with a simple and confident solution. Some properties of a new toolset can really be trying you — something as simple and looking at a list of system messages can be painfully slow. In CoreOS you don’t have /var/log but journalctl — a binary log of events. It is fine but when you have to sort through couple days of log messages it can take about 20 seconds to load them all to be able to search though them all. I guess when we feel growing pains — we’re growing. So I’ll focus on that.

On other note 1Password anywhere broke down today with:

A problem occurred when loading the “

Evidently Drop-Box dropped the Ball. Not the first time too.

this is a catchup(to yesterday) post, there should be on later this evening as well.

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