In Person Drop

It’s really important to know about the you can apply for the job. With an effective way, we can not only be considered for the job interview but, also, can show passion.

We can submit an online application on the website of company, this way goes official and does work when recruiters have vacancies available for a particular position. Secondly, apply through email with a customized cover letter. Using an email enables us to disclose ourselves more to the employer.

Thirdly and most important, we can go to HR of the company in person to drop our resume. This shows high passion and we can also have a chance to have 1:1 chat with recruiter.

Recently, I have dropped my application for Trainee Engineer position at PEL to HR named Hassnain Abid. It was a really good experience in terms of getting an opportunity to stand out from crowd.

I customized my cover letter and resume for the position and went to the location where I tried to convince gatekeeper to allow me to go to HR department and stood successful. I dropped my resume to Ms. Amna Haider who was also in HR department and met with Hassnain Abid. This was really awesome experience.