SEO in 2017 with Fiverr

There are many factors that go in to ranking for keywords on google or any other search engine. Your website needs to be fast, on page seo needs to be done, you need high quality content and the most important thing you need is backlinks.

Like it or not backlinks are the most important ranking factor when it comes to seo. Probably the most difficult factor as well to execute. Where do you start building backlinks?

The first place to start off will be social media. Create social media accounts and link back to your website. Facebook, twitter, linked in are good places to start. Make sure you post quality content on your social media pages that links to your website.

The second place where you can easily get back links is web 2.0 blogs: Blogher, Blogspot, Tumblr, Wordpress, Medium like this post is doing. If you are trying to rank for the words “SEO using Fiverr” go to each of this platforms and create sub domains such as or make sure you don’t use the same sub domain name for all the platforms, vary them like I have shown in the above example.

After you have created the blogs it is time to create high quality posts. Just like this one and link back to your website. I have naturally in this post linked to my website while trying to rank for some specific keyword in the paragraph above.

Web 2.0 backlinks are highly effective and a good white hat technique. Next I would suggest you create a blog on your main website and after you have about 20 high quality posts, it is time to reach out to influencers and blogs in your niche. If I am trying to rank for a web design niche keyword then I will search google for web design blogs that accept guest posts. Reach out to the with my portfolio of high quality posts on my website and request for a guest post. You will be surprised after you reach out to about 10 a few might actually accept your guest post and there you go! Your backlink from a high authority website.

Another way to build backlinks is to buy them. Although this is the least recommended and dangerous. It also depends on your risk tolerance. Sometimes it can pay off very well. I have personally tried purchasing a few gigs on fiverr that sell backlinks for my one of my web 2.0 blog that links to my money site. This was an experiment I was not willing to carry out on my money site. I bought a few carefully chosen gigs on Fiverr. The best ones and most effective ones are probably where you provide the article and are allowed one or two backlinks in the article. This shows that the seller is not just about shelving out backlinks and cares about the quality of content that goes on his website. I purchased a few gigs on Fiverr and within a month the links were indexed by google and I saw my web 2.0 blog improve in ranking. From 5th page to 2nd page.

So that’s it a few tips on how to do SEO in 2017 and how you can build backlinks using Fiverr and a few other methods.