How To Replace a Bamboo Watch Battery

How to Replace a Bamboo Watch Battery

Bamboo watches are usually handmade and designed with perfection to match any of your outfit. The watches are usually made from re-cycled wood and are eco-friendly. They are treated to make the wood long lasting and durable. Most are water resistant as well.

Most bamboo watches are battery powered and although the battery lasts a few years you will need to change it at some point. The procedure to change the battery is similar to any other watch out there. Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Unbuckle the strap. If the strap is open it will be easier for you to work with the watch.
  2. Next you need to examine the back of the watch. Some watches have screws and you will need a specialised screw-driver to get those off. Some have no screws and can easily come out by popping a tweezer or a similar tool under the back cover then pushing it upwards.
  3. Once you remove the back you will be able to see the internal components of the watch. Most of the time the battery will be easily spotted, and there will be a clip holding the battery down. Using a flat scew driver or a pair of tweezers gently move the clip away from the battery.
  4. The are thousands of different battery models out there for different types of watches. So you will need the exact battery for your watch. The serial number is written clearly on the battery. Examples of battery serial numbers are G-1, G-10. G-13, 1385, 1392 e.t.c Make sure you have the exact battery.
  5. Remove the old battery and replace it with the new one. Before you close the watch ensure the second hand has started moving and the watch is functioning.
  6. Re-position the clip to it’s original place and then put the back cover. If it was popped out you may just need to push it back in. If you screwed it out you need to carefully screw it back.

Although the procedure looks simple sometimes it can be quite challenging and you can easily damage the watch. A few watches have a waterproof rubber under the back cover and if damaged it means your watch will no longer be water proof. Rather than going through all this I would recommend simply get a professional to do it. Won’t cost you more than $10 and your watch will be taken care of properly. Plus the professional can easily service other parts as well and blow dust and other particles out of it. If you have never changed a watch battery before it can also be time consuming. If you are looking to buy a bamboo or wooden watch visit