you land softly

floating mid-air —

thoughts swirl and spin and sway

cushion your fragile heart

catching its million teeny pieces —

sweeping them away

to be pieced together at leisure.

hushed, muffled

a blanket —

to keep you together

to slow you down

on days when you race too hard for your mind to catch up

for days when you can’t hold back tears

that threaten to fall —

we’ll catch them all in our palms

little pearls glinting in the light of tomorrow

hold them dear —

my dear

hold them still

don’t let them spill

watch them fall —

i hope i land softly

for at times

you land hard

enough to shatter —


the air crackles with light snapped out of you

sucked out

with a whoosh —

you go limp

slumping against the hard ground,

embracing it

holding all that was lost dear —

my dear

i really hope i land softly

and open my eyes a crack at a time

to see tomorrow.