How You Can Spy On Competitors Through Native Advertising Tools

It is a competitive world today and you need good native advertising tools to ensure you give a tough fight to the competitors.

It is very important to save time on marketing activities and find the best ways to spend your money effectively. A native advertising tool is a perfect way to spy on competitors through the secret lens and effective algorithms of the tool as it will help you fetch and compare the best ad network and associated pricing. Let’s explore the features here:-

Millions of advertisements

The tool supports millions of ads indexed and included in the global database.

Support for over 20 countries

The tool also supports for over 20 countries and help to track native ads in 26 countries and in different languages.

Premium Ad Network collaboration

You get access to all premium networks on the board including Outbrain, Taboola, Content.Ad, RevContent, AdBlade.

Device tracking

If you are looking for device tracking, you can track the ads on 5 major devices including Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablet.

Bookmarking facility

Saving your favorite ads and viewing them is easy and hassle free.

Comprehensive search

The comprehensive search facility ensures you can easily sort and filter by any combination like Publisher, Advertiser, Title, URL, Dates, Devices, Countries, Network, and much more.

Lead Book

If you want to access the complete contact information of publishers and advertisers, you can access it all the time.

Affiliate and Direct Marketers

Sorting the information by affiliate and direct marketing campaigns is easy as you can see which ad campaigns are performing best.

You can start with many customized plans including $1 for 3-day trial that includes Taboola Spy Tool and access to other tools for 30 days period. You can track competitors and save ads also. It also provides chat support and network statistics. If you want access to more networks, you can easily subscribe to the higher plans along with lead book and CSV export facility.

The software provides access to Outbrain Spy Tool also to find targeted ads from this amazing and most popular tool.

It is very important to find some pertinent information on the tool and you must choose a best seller plan to extract maximum benefits. It’s very important to choose the best plan so that you can take maximum benefits out of it. Spy Native Ads are indeed the best way to extract maximum benefits out of the advertisement medium without paying much money.

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