Did SnapChat just unlock augmented reality advertising?

Mohamed Zohny
Oct 5, 2017 · 2 min read

A notification from producthunt.com popped on my screen saying “SnapChat leaked its own launch”. The day after SnapChat announced an augmented reality platform that allows objects (virtual art sculptures) to be pinned in specific locations.

I think this project could potentially create a new advertising channel. Despite SnapChat’s recent difficulties, it has continuously delivered a portfolio of innovative advertising products that have been adapted, stolen and used by almost all other social media networks. Instagram Stories is just one example of these products.

In my opinion SnapChat’s AR art will not be any different. I would not be surprised if Facebook or Instagram soon launch an augmented reality project with a famous street artist.

SnapChat’s previous products like lenses (which in a way is AR advertising) are used today for advertising. It will not take long before AR ads start popping everywhere.

So why would anyone pick up their phone to see an ad?

I think that will depend on what the ad will be, or how it will look like.

An advanced augment reality sculpture done by a brand artist collaboration would certainly be nice to see.

Augment reality point of sales material that are updatable and interactive could become a replacement to the dusty screens you find today in retail shops.

If advertisers succeed in using this channel to the benefit of their customers, I think there is great potential.

For instance we could see augment reality movie trailers in front of cinemas! Augment reality landscape, museums, games (like pokeman go), augmented reality social media, AR effects synced with music in the clubs are all viable applications for this new channel.

You must be thinking, millennials will have to glue smart phones to their faces in order to see AR all time?

Rumor has it, SnapChat already have an answer to your question: Spectacles 2.0 with AR integrated to make a more seamless AR experience.

Will tomorrow’s streets be crowed with people walking around in a AR world wearing AR glasses or will this just be a fad?

With both Apple (iphone 8 and X) and Google (Pixel 2) releasing their new phones with augmented reality cameras, it seems like everyone in a race to the AR world. These are certainly exciting times for advertisers and artists to get virtually creative.

Thanks to Hazem Zohny.

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