Easy document management between Egnyte and Zoho apps

Easily send documents from Egnyte to your leads in Zoho CRM

Understanding your customers and educating them about your product are two sides of the same sales coin. During a sales process, to educate your potentials about your product, you may have to send them user guides, help documents, comparison sheets, and white papers. During a negotiation, price quotes and invoice documents might also be sent.

While the whole lead-qualifying process can be updated in your CRM, sending and receiving the documents needs some extra help.

Things can get cumbersome over email as your work volume increases, so using a proper document management system can make your work easier by organizing all your documents in the right places. As you exchange documents with your leads, things have to be updated in your CRM simultaneously as well.

If you’re using Egnyte — the cloud-based document management system — to send documents to your leads and contacts, our extension for Zoho CRM makes your work quicker and easier. Here are three ways it can help you:

  • You’ll be able to send Egnyte files, both as a link or as the file itself, to any lead or contact inside Zoho CRM.
  • Once you send a document to a lead or contact, a new folder is created in Egnyte under their name where you can view all the files shared with them.
  • If you add a file in Egnyte under a lead or contact’s name, it will be reflected in your CRM lead/contact record page.

Data gets synced from both ends in real-time, helping you know what files have been shared with whom both from Egnyte and Zoho CRM.

Send your Cx Egnyte documents from Zoho Desk

When you receive a support query from your customers, you might have to send them help docs or an on-demand video to educate them in the most comprehensive manner. If you’re already using Egnyte to store and organize your documents, things just got easier for you.

You can now send documents from Egnyte to a customer from inside Zoho Desk itself without shifting between tabs and windows. Installing the Egnyte extension for Zoho Desk can help you ease your support operations since you don’t need to download a file from Egnyte and upload it to every Cx you need to send.

Another feature of the extension is that when you get an incoming mail with an attachment, you can push it to Egnyte with one click.

This extension can help you conveniently use Egnyte inside Zoho Desk, helping you spend more time on customer satisfaction than browsing and finding files.

Associate files from Egnyte with the projects you work on

Collaborating with colleagues involves sharing ideas in all ways possible. Ideas, which are well articulated can only be moved to the implementation phase. That’s why all stakeholders involved in a project try their best to describe their ideas and plans in the form of text, imagery, presentation, or any document format that’s best suited for them.

For teams using Egnyte to store and organize online documents, project collaboration is now a lot easier. If you’re a part of such a team, this extension can help you associate files from your Egnyte account to an issue or a task in Projects, without leaving your Projects screen.

You can find all Egnyte extensions for Zoho apps in the Zoho Marketplace. If you need a demo, you can mail us at support@zohoextensions.com.

We now have an additional 20% off on the yearly subscription of the Egnyte extension for Zoho Desk until the 15th of July.




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Zoho Marketplace

Get updated on the latest additions in Zoho Marketplace. Follow us for regular news about events and partnerships. Do more with our #apps and #extensions.

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