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As I walk into the building the sunlight hits my face with the force of shattering glass — I can barely keep my eyes open. Down the corridor, in the lobby all the seats are filled. I find a place in the corner to stand and wait. Minutes drag on to hours until its time.

“We don’t have much time” you say. “State the purpose of your visit”.

For a fraction of a minute I stand motionless, unable to think or speak, caught up in a frenzy of disbelief and denial.

The hiatus lasts only for a minute. I shed the memories of past conversations and the occasional drab jokes like old skin…

“I am here to collect my severance”. I say

My sound resonates in the hall with the alacrity of a thunderstorm.

Every obscure thought in my mind unravels in a swish of magical epiphany…

The resulting clarity is sleek and crystalline like the window glass… the sun doesn’t hurt much as I leave the building.

The building in which I had worked for ten years till yesterday…

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