It’s 3a.m,

and the phone goes off,

one second I was hopeful,

the next I was lost.

How do you be brave?

How do you be strong?

When you knew that it was time,

and you knew that he was gone.

Sometimes we don’t cry when we feel pain,

how do you, when you feel empty,

but as the memories roll down my cheeks,

I hear him say, “Remember me”.

What am I supposed to remember?

The pain from this loss,

the endless nights of anger,

or the happiness that came with a cost?

This is another death that I will have to conquer,

for more are to come,

but each one brings a different kind of pain,

that will make me stronger for the next one.

I’ll never stop loving you,

I’m sure I never will,

deep inside my heart,

you are with me still.

You taught me well,

in the time that we had together,

a lesson that I will never forget,

is that you’ll be with me, forever.

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