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In fact, censorship-resistant is is really just that: resistant. And all a system can do is resist to the best of its ability to censorship.

The problem is that people usually believe that censorship-resistant means censorship-proof. This is amplified by the fact that it is usually sold as such.

The difference here is the same as with water. A water-resistant item, will eventually get damaged by water depending on the condition (quantity, pressure, level of salt, etc…). Waterproof on the other end, means that water is never coming in.

It now becomes clearer that censorship resistance, much like water resistance…

by zokama

The Decentralized Moderation Paradox — Part 2

When it comes to censorship resistant systems, centralization should always be perceived as a major red flag. Concentration of technical resources and concentration of decision power is sure to create a censorship-prone system. Those two forms of centralization have been clearly identified by all crypto and blockchain projects. We will review them and then introduce a third form of centralization that needs to be considered when dealing with subjective opinions,which is a major part of a moderation system.

A censorship resistant system has to be distributed and autonomous.

1. Autonomous Decision Making

by zokama

The Decentralized Moderation Paradox — Part 1

by zokama

Part 4 of 4: Obstacles on the road to success

Decentralized video platforms want to turn the video distribution market upside down. After looking into why and how they want to achieve that goal, let us pause, here in part 4, to reflect on the task at hand.

There are indeed some major unresolved technical and commercial challenges ahead. To be successful, the new platforms will need to deploy an infrastructure unlike any deployed before. They’ll also have to create an entire ecosystem composed not only by viewers, but also miners, advertisers, producers, and developers.

In this last article of the series, we’ll go through eight challenges. While those challenges…

by zokama

Part 3 of 4

We have seen previously that a number of blockchain projects have identified major flaws in today’s video industry. While all projects share the same analysis of unfair revenue distribution, centralization of power and decision making, we see different approaches in the solutions being proposed. Each focus on a different part of the video chain: front end, community, transcoding, live streaming, VoD, storage, delivery.

We will look at a few comparison tables which use the following colors:

by zokama

Part 2 of 4: What needs to be fixed?

Most of the decentralized video network projects are pointing at the same flaws, injustices, and inefficiencies of the current video distribution industry. They all want to solve similar problems. Their analyses are similar enough that no distinction will be made between the different projects just yet. Lets just consider for now that all speak of one voice: the decentralized video projects have identified the biggest problem with the curent industry to be…

Pain Point 1: Centralization!

by zokama

Part 1 of 4

We all wonder what will drive main stream adoption of the blockchain technology. The first project to cross that chasm could emerge from many different fields or industries: currency, fintech, governance, social media, advertising, gaming, etc... Another candidate is video distribution: a well established market, involving a multitude of content providers, hundreds of millions of daily users, with huge requirements in infrastructure, and a well understood business models. Looking at the existing giants like Youtube, Netflix, broadcast TV, or CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), blockchain enthusiasts have identified many flaws that they believe could be fixed with decentralization and blockchain. …


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