Why it’s important to get journalists and marketers access to content across the world

Democratising content analytics

The world of media, marketing and journalism is colliding, more faster than we can say “Content Marketing.” Ok. Thats a give away.

While earlier, journalism was more about reporting what’s happening around the world, going out there and really digging deep into information and knowledge that, to a common man, was privilege. The value there was “finding this information and getting it to everyone”.

But that was way before the facebooks, twitters and instagrams of the world. Add to that, access to technology like phone cameras, which 100 years back would have been close to what the wizard in Oz would possess, means that information and data is no longer a monopoly. It is now a commodity. Add to this mix a 3rd player — online advertising.

Publications can only sustain themselves on advertising revenue, and advertising revenue comes only on eyeballs, and eyeballs come only if people read “what interests them”. This is where the dilemma starts.

A classic case of “Give them what’s actually happening” v/s “Give them what they want.”

With facebook slowly being the gate-keeper of content, the online media world is slowly tilting towards the latter, if not already there.

A similar story pans out on the digital marketers side. While Google still is in it for a while, facebook is clearly dominating the online-eyeball market. Any brand worth its salt knows that advertising / branding / promotion is going to be driven only by engaging with the audience where they are, when they want to and how they want to.

It’s the consumers world now, and the brand are here catching up to them.

If brands and advertisers want to reach their target audience, there are really 2 ways to do this.

  1. Pay the middleman, like a facebook , or an ad network, through their noses.
  2. Create/share/say things that their consumers relate to.

There is no right or wrong to this — its just the way it is.

This gives rise to a big question for journalists and brands.

What is it that my audience is engaged in right now and how do I contribute there?

They are on twitter, on facebook, on instagram and also reading blogs and online newspapers. So :

  • What is it that my target audience is interacting with, right this very moment?
  • Where is my audience engaging with the most — facebook? instagram? twitter? reddit?
  • What content is going big online, say in my location?
  • If my audience is a “sports audience”, what are they reading online and what are they liking? What sports pieces are probably going to go viral?
  • Where can I find this content so that I can create similar content?
  • What content/news are my competitors looking at that I’m not?
  • How can I be alerted whenever some piece of content online that is important to me starts surfacing?

These are the sort of questions that we want to start answering. But that’s not all we want to do. Right now such analytics data is in the hands of enterprises who need to pay a big price to access this — while we want to get this analytics into the hands of each and every journalist, content marketer and digital marketer. That’s our mission. From our set of early adopters, we have the right direction for the product. If you want to be a part, you can always check our website. — https://zolarithm.com/

We are Zolarithm. Join us.