Digital Summit: ZOLLHOF as a Part of Official Summit Press Tour

By Anne Christin Braun

You can find the German version of the article right here.

Earlier this week Nuremberg was a true AI city as this year’s Digital Summit was all about the future of digitization and artificial intelligence in Germany.

Chancellor Merkel talked about the future of digitization in Germany

While discussing the Federal Government’s AI strategy, Federal Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier promised to strengthen startups. He also talked about the importance of strong startup ecosystems that help young businesses to thrive and grow. Since ZOLLHOF embodies exactly this idea and knows a thing or two about how to make entrepreneurship happen, we became an official part of the 2018 Digital Summit.

One item on the agenda was a guided press tour to ZOLLHOF. A delegation consisting of e.g. the Bundestag AI commission of inquiry, ZDF, Deutsche Welle, Handelsblatt and SZ stopped by and met the ZOLLHOF team and especially 3 awesome AI startups., IT-Labs and Metrilus had the chance to pitch their products to journalists and politicians while they got to ask all the questions they had in regard to the individual business models.

Güven from IT-Labs showcased their product Alberta. Source: eco

Vitas is an AI based assistant that answers customer requests over the phone, while IT-labs developed Alberta, an e-health platform for care management. Metrilus on the other hand is a pioneer in providing complete solutions for real-time 3-D imaging applications.

Camera crew with Metrilus and IT-Labs.

You wonder how coverage turned out so far?

Watch our startups shine on TV! :)

Anne is ZOLLHOF’s Senior Marketing Manager. She has many years of experience in tech communications and PR. When she’s not at ZOLLHOF, Anne is working on her Master’s degree in Health Sciences and supports an NGO as their Social Media Manager.

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