Let’s welcome the new ZOHO startups: movaco, Virtonomy, Neohelden, faktual & Vayyar!

Part I of our Batch #4 Intro

Zollhof - Tech Incubator
Jun 17 · 4 min read

by Julia Neumann

The past weeks have been particularly exciting: Not only did we celebrate our first-ever online HACK|BAY but also welcomed our new Batch #4 startups to the ZOLLHOF family! 10 fresh Tech Startups join our #ZOHO family — and we can tell you, we are completely blown away by the quality and ingenuity of their innovative solutions! We are more than ready to help them to take their business ideas to the next level in the next months and to see the teams grow!

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Without further ado, let’s kick-off our Batch #4 intro with the first 5 startups.

… tackles the problem of unnecessary costs and high CO2 emissions for cities as well as for companies due to the traffic caused by commuters in their car. Movaco’s 4.0 mobility platform enables employees to easily and quickly find each other in carpools to not only save time and costs but especially CO2.

Exciting times are ahead for the young team! In the upcoming 12 months, the guys plan to launch the movaco app to make their service available for cities and municipalities all over Germany.

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… reduces the go-to-market time and costs of medical devices by conducting classic experiments on virtual patients. The team relies on a permanently growing database that stores information about the anatomical variability as well as the demographic variety. Laboratory testing on humans and animals is hence conducted in a digital way!

By the end of 2020, Virtonomy anticipates enriching their solution with additional features as well as applying for the US FDA Medical Device Development Tools Programm in 2022.

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…offers a digital AI-assistant to help employees and customers conquer their daily challenges at work. Neo assists people to deal with multiple systems, paper-intensive processes and procedures, that are not related to their core job. Users can easily access any software systems by talking to Neo or writing short notes for him. Also, the neo enterprise assistant platform allows users to create their personal assistant effortlessly via drag&drop.

During the incubation program at ZOLLHOF, the Neohelden aim to establish a customer onboarding process as well as scaling the Neo assistant.

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… aims to reduce the time spent on desk research tediously searching for and reading through information that does not add value to their research. By utilizing cutting-edge AI, such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) the team wants to change the way knowledge is found, consumed, and displayed with their research suite. Faktual collects information from online sources and internal data and extracts useful information based on the individual search. Unlike search engines, faktual gives insights, not just documents and links.

Currently, the faktual team penetrates the market with the largest pain of tedious research: journalism. But stay tuned, in the upcoming 12 months faktual wants to apply their technology to an even broader use case.

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Also a warm welcome to our grown-up team:

Vayyar Imaging Ltd.’s
…mission is to continue expanding the potential of radars in health and safety applications, to deliver the next generation of sensing technology that is miniature, affordable, and versatile enough to impact everyone’s life. The 24/7 fall detection and health monitoring system provides instant alerts in case of emergencies without the need for cameras, wearables, or buttons for hospitals, facilities, and care homes.

Currently, the team is expanding its distributor network all over Europe and exploring new industries, such as insurance, health and senior care homes.

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Welcome to the ZOHO Family! We are beyond excited to work together with you guys and gals to #MakeEntrepreneurshipHappen. What a great kick-off to our startup intro. Stay tuned for Part II, to learn more about our other new startups!

Julia works in Marketing Communication at ZOLLHOF and is studying Digital Business at TH Nuremberg. Being a creative mind she loves to write and is passionate about photography.

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