StarMask and The Thor Protocol

Using the StarMask Chrome plugin, you can access distributed applications (or "Dapps") that support Starcoin.

To enable dapps to read from the blockchain, the plugin injects the Starcoin web3 API into the javascript context of every website.
The user receives a secure interface to evaluate the transaction before approving or rejecting it thanks to StarMask’s ability to let users create and manage their own identities. This allows Dapps to make transactions and write to the blockchain.
StarMask needs authorization to read and write to any webpage because it extends the functionality of the standard browser context. As with any other Chrome extension, StarMask can always be "viewed the source," or you may view the source code on Github at

Thor Protocol

On top of the Lightning Network, SiThor develops a Layer 2 protocol for the Bitcoin network, and users create smart contracts using the high-level programming language WebAssembly. With the help of the interface (ABI) outlined in the Thor contract, the user can quickly design and deploy applications. The contract trust issue is also resolved via Thor’s arbitration service.
This project is a component of Westar’s blockchain layer 2 exploratory development, which gives the Bitcoin network support for smart contracts. On top of the Lightning Network and using its Hash Time Lock (HTLC) mechanism, we put the arbitration service in place.

This makes it possible for the decentralized and safe execution of users' smart contracts. By committing Token to the arbitration service and delivering their evidence (challenging) in the event of disputes, users build a channel to interactively execute contracts. The arbitration service then checks and replays the contracts. Decentralized applications' issues with security and trust are resolved by doing this.

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