Someone After Seven Years

I was in class 2, when a little sweet girl admitted in our school. The name of our school is Baropara West Govt. Primary School. My times were passing quite happily. I passed class two, three, four even class five with her. After finishing my primary school level, I admitted myself in a high school named Gouripur S.A. High School and that girl separated from my school even from my village. I was too small to understand anything. I could not get anything wrong. Though there was something that was missing, but what was that. I couldn’t even understand what it was. Days were passing, I was growing. My days were passing, there is no love or no attraction for any girls. I didn’t even feel any attraction for anyone. I did’t know why that was happening. My days were passing. I passed my high school level. After that I’ve come to Dhaka and admitted myself in a college named Hamdard Public College.

I was alone because there was no old friend here. After some days passed, I’ve start to get my new friends. Most of my friends were from village. They were very simple in nature. First time, they couldn’t get me. They thought I was from Dhaka. Days were passing. In few days, they started to talk with me and found me very simple. After that everyone started to like me. Even my teachers couldn’t give me punishment because They’ve found me very innocent. If any teacher wanted to give me punishment, all of my friends wanted to help me. I can’t never forget those moments and that faces. I was very pleased. However, due to some physical and other reasons, my academic progresses were not going very well. It can be said that I was given permission to the board exam only for my nature, nothing else.

What ever it was, one day morning, I was sleeping in my room. The time was approximately 9 a.m. I’ve noticed a notification in my mobile. I can’t wake up by message tone usually, but that day was different from others. There was a cricket match that day among Bangladesh and India. That match was very important as it was the knock out match. We the people from all over the Bangladesh were waiting for this match. I’ve also wanted to watch the whole match. However, I’ve put up my mobile and was checking notifications.Suddenly, I’ve found a message written ‘…After Seven Years…’. I was very surprised. I could guess who was that person but I wanted to be more clear about this person. Then I was feeling different from other days. After that days, I was started to getting changed. Everything were changing inside of me. I was started to feel something uncommon, not experienced. Then I am feeling very weak. My every activity doesn’t seem to be perfect to me. I was losing my daily life though that girl is completely innocent. I was just feeling these things from me, completely from me. The days were passing, then I’ve tried to get back my old life. I’was trying to convince me, even I wanted to finish my relationship. After all, I am starting to get back my old life. Hope I can overcome this situation. To conclude, I want to say that I am happy, quite happy with her. She is my first and I can strongly say that she is my last love. Keep praying for us.

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