I can smell again

While I was back in El Paso, one of my best friends and I were discussing what we got for Christmas. Then she asked “what did you get yourself?” It was a bit off-putting since it’s understood Christmas is more about giving than receiving. I told her I might buy an amp or a record player when I’m back home… and I did. I’ve been meaning to splurge on something, and this amp seemed appropriate considering I want to start taking music a bit more seriously. The Electro-Harmonix pedal sitting on top is extremely cool. It makes my guitar sound like a synth keyboard, so I’m looking forward to tinkering around with it and recording some stuff to put on soundcloud.

In other news, I tried treating my cold without medicine. I had to call in to work today, but it allowed me to get some much needed naps. I drank about 3 bottles of water, and chopped some garlic cloves and half an onion into a low-sodium canned soup (I read these extra ingredients are antimicrobial). The closest thing to medicine I took were Burt’s Bees honey throat drops to get rid of my sore throat (turns out honey is naturally antimicrobial as well). I also used a neti-pot to help clean out my sinuses. Maybe the saline solution counts as medicine? It comes right out the other nostril, so it’s not like my body absorbed it. All this combined with some rest improved my condition somewhat, but one of my sinuses is still closed. My nose is doing that thing where one moment I can breathe and smell everything, then the next moment one of my nostrils are clogged.

So tomorrow will officially be my first day back to work after the holidays. Because of the government shutdown I’m not immediately being moved to the FCC, so I was sent a few emails about helping test another project. Hopefully one of the new people didn’t claim my desk.