A Personal Letter About The Possibility of a New Zcash Dev Fund

Zooko Wilcox
Jul 31 · 13 min read

The Story So Far

Funding the Launch (2015)

Image source: Coindesk
Image source: Blog post

Launch (2016)

The Zcash Foundation

Focused Delivery and Execution (2017–2019)

Image source: Snowden’s twitter

A Positive Alternative For Society (2019)

The Costs Of Core Support Functions

The Decision Facing The Zcash Community

It’s Not Up To Me

This Isn’t About ECC

What The Electric Coin Company and I Can Do To Support the Process

Inform and Advise

Implement the Community’s Decision In Software

Honor The Community’s Decision with Trademark Support

Offer Ourselves As Candidates For the Job

Elevate and Amplify Your Voice

Parting Thoughts

Zooko Wilcox

Written by

Founder and CEO of the Electric Coin Company (makers of Zcash)

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