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Wellness vacations. Extended business trips. Offbeat destinations.

The trends powering the future of travel are exciting, robust and innovative. From meditation vacations to visiting previously under-traveled cities, these trends are aiming to provide travelers with convenience, productivity and peace of mind.

Wellness tourism is an emerging and robust trend in the travel industry. Wellness vacations are designed for travelers to escape the rat race of daily life and to help achieve peace in their lives; most of these vacations put the wellness of the individual at the center of the experience. Wellness vacations are an effective break from the constant…

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With smartphone penetration at an all-time high, the travel industry is experiencing the benefits of mobile at a remarkable rate. Mobile helps ease every part of the travel experience from booking to experiencing a new city. It acts as a one-stop solution for travelers: booking, researching and providing an all-around travel experience.

Mobile removes the difficulty in booking travel.

One of the most apparent impacts Mobile has had on travel is the booking experience for customers. For decades, customers have relied on manual methods of booking; mobile has provided a reliable, instant alternative to desktop and manual methods. Customers can…

ZoomAway Travel, Inc.

ZoomAway, Inc. (TSXV:ZMA)

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