My DeepOnion Airdrop Experience

Wow, just wow!… I had my first airdrop experienced and I am so lucky to have free Onions. I would say that this is a great opportunity for me as I do not need to risk money to make money. DeepOnion is a great project and I believe every onion I hold in the future will worth with a great value.

This project is a success because it is run by a very hard working team who aim to bring complete privacy to our transaction. It’s quite new but I have seen how people supported it which has it’s good pump in the last few days, maybe some were tempted to sell their ONIONS but I am not gonna follow them because I know it’s stupid to loss the chance to take part of the future free airdrops.

It’s going to be a 40 airdrops and I want to be part of that long journey, I don’t care how much the price now because I ain’t selling until what I hold will give me fortune. This opportunity is great for investors like me because we are part of the big community and we know what’s going on which will be vital when making a decision.

For those who like to be part of the airdrop you can check their thread in and their own forum