The implementation of free stock videos has escalated the looping background technique as the current trend. This is a for sure technique which will help the website business owners to grab the attention of huge potential customers.

You put all of your blood and sweat in order to attain the height of success. For that you have implemented many techniques from providing product and/or service information, you have collected vital information to generate lead with forms and have accomplished all these by strategizing proper eCommerce strategy. You do all this to attract some potential customers to your site.

Adding a stock looping video to the background of your website is one among the most effective customer driving strategy. The impact of video on viewers is much greater than an image. In a study, it was found that the understanding of product or services gets increased by 74% with the help of videos. The proof to this is Youtube which is ranked as world’s 2nd largest search engine, which gives a clear idea of the visual impact on viewers. …

Zop videos

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