‘Selena: The Series’ is sharing the Tejano singer’s voice with a new generation

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Twenty-five years after the death of singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, she continues to be remembered for her impact in the music industry and in Latinx culture. Netflix recently released a limited series about the Tejano singer’s life but they’re not the first to memorialize her.

“In the quarter-century since the artist’s untimely death, the queen of Tejano music — a genre that originated at the Texas-Mexico border — has been honored in many ways,” Lola Méndez writes for ZORA. …

’Tis the weekend for a nice TV binge. We’re revisiting our ‘90s favorites Living Single (Hulu) and Moesha (Netflix), again because, why not? The feel-good shows gave us humor and dished real talk on serious issues. They also gifted us an indelible vibe that is forever etched into our livelihoods. Or rather, we should call it what it is: ’90s kind of fine. You know, the type of fine that was “a celebration of all the beautiful diversity within Black culture,” writes ZORA contributing writer Shanita Hubbard. “It was an open acknowledgment that not only are we not a monolith, but the beauty of our culture is magnified through the various expressions of Blackness. From the affluent Southern bell, to the dashiki-clad brother with locks, and all the artistic and carefree Black girls in between. …

The holiday season looks and feels different this year. For many of us, the traditional family gatherings and friendsgivings aren’t happening. We have to consider safety first, while navigating a raging pandemic. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up tradition altogether. As ZORA contributing writer Nneka Okona reminds us, “living during a pandemic has stretched most of us to reimagine how we connect with those we love.” She suggests that we remix traditions and get inventive.

Okona writes:

“Tap into that same creative will to think about how you can make the holidays special and safe. Amaris Acosta, a writer from New York, is doing the holidays differently with her family. Instead of sharing a meal together, they’re doing a drive-by potluck — where everyone portions off their cooked contribution to dinner in separate aluminum pans and swap.” …

A list of self-care tips you can turn to when things get tough

Older Black woman sitting cross-legged meditating on her bed.
Older Black woman sitting cross-legged meditating on her bed.
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We’re a few days out from the election and no closer to knowing who the next leader of the free world is going to be. Regardless, we do know that there are going to be some hard days ahead of us so it’s important to be intentional about our self-care.

“The setting of self-care intentions is a goal-setting approach to self-care that invites creativity and flexibility,” Dr. Bernasha Anderson writes for ZORA. “This approach allows you to balance your self-care practice while fostering self-compassion. Our self-care intentions should shift based on our unique needs at a given point in time. …

Zora Zen

Take a break from election news and give your body the rest it deserves

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Hi ZORA fam. We know a lot of y’all are staying up all night watching election updates roll in. For today’s moment of zen, we want to remind you to take a nap so you have the strength for what’s ahead.

“If movements take stamina then there is no way for us to continue on the long arc toward justice if we do not make time to rest and recharge,” writes Danielle Moodie for ZORA. “If we do not learn to rest, we will never be able to sustain the strength to resist. There is no way we make it to the mountaintop without rest and self-care.”

Take a break from election coverage, log off, and get some sleep, fam.


Take a break from politics and give your inner child some love

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We’ve made it through the election night we’ve been anticipating (or fearing) for months, but with news pundits repeating the “too early to call” refrain, it seems like we’re going to be living in political limbo for a little bit longer.

We at ZORA know what’s at stake with this election, and we know how stressful waiting for the results over the next few days is going to be. So we wanted to give you a break from election coverage and offer you a moment of zen. …

Hip-hop aficionados and influences have the numbers to make significant change

Rappers can get out the vote just like anybody else. From Cardi B. talking on Zoom with presidential hopeful Joe Biden to Ice Cube discussing potentially working with Donald Trump, hip-hop artists are using their influence to influence the polls.

As Ronda Racha Penrice writes:

That truth was certainly on display during the BET Hip Hop Awards. At the end of the City Girls barely-safe-for-TV leopard catsuit performance of “Kitty Talk” and “Jobs,” the word VOTE appeared behind them. …

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In a heartfelt letter on Medium, Chrissy Teigen opened up about her miscarriage last month.

In her letter, Teigen candidly shares her experience in the hospital and the events that led up to her losing her son, Jack. She thanked her husband, John Legend, her mother and her friends, family and fans for supporting her through their loss. She also responded to critics who took issue with her sharing photos of her hospitalization.

“I cannot express how little I care that you hate the photos. How little I care that it’s something you wouldn’t have done. I lived it, I chose to do it, and more than anything, these photos aren’t for anyone but the people who have lived this or are curious enough to wonder what something like this is like. These photos are only for the people who need them. …

If not managed well, our news consumption will consume us

Black woman at work holding a phone while looking at her laptop.
Black woman at work holding a phone while looking at her laptop.
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We’re living in wild times with a daily news cycle that’s giving us severe whiplash. In just the past few days, we’ve discovered Ice Cube’s dangerous political ideologies after word got around that he worked with — and was being used by — the Trump administration. Jeffrey Toobin’s Zoom meeting got a little out of hand, as many folks joked, though the seriousness of it was no laughing matter for others. Feds revealed Russia and Iran interfered with our presidential election. Covid cases and deaths continue to spike. Unemployment struggles are rampant. Racism is still stealing dreams.


Scorpio season asks you to get ready to reveal the truth

Happy birthday, Scorpios, and welcome, everyone else, to Scorpio season. Halloween is bearing down on us and the veil is thin. What are you doing to keep yourself in a truth-telling light?

Astrologer Ashleigh D. Jay has tips on how to handle today’s transits as well as the rest of the week in the ZORAscope. Meanwhile, here’s what’s on tap for tonight.

“On Thursday evening, the sun enters Scorpio at 6 p.m. CT, shining a light on the uncomfortable truth about who we are and what the unspoken rules and desires are in our bonds. Are you willing to do what’s necessary to uphold, reveal, or accept the truth or not?”

Follow Ashleigh to get notified about your weekly ZORAscope and click here to read this week’s astrology.

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