Kindness as an ultimate force

Hello and welcome to my first ever article on Medium.

I actually write articles on my native language but when I talked to one great guy who has a really amazing blog in here. Write in comments if you want to check him out. So, he really was inspiring, I’ve learned from him in 10 minutes more than from some people I’m talking with every day. From that moment I really start to consider to translate my blogs from Serbian to English. And here I’m. Turning my thoughts and ideas into reality.

So, my goal in here is pretty much in spreading the word and trying to express myself the best I can and have fun learning English more, writing themes about spirituality, motivation, self love and psychology.

I think we all have potential in ourselves. Let’s see together where is yours!

In every month of my life intuitively certain topic is starting opening and sometimes I’m analyzing more than usual. Ever since July the question that haunted me was about kindness. How can kindness have an influence on feedback from our interlocutor, and do we have a capacity to remove some communication blocks while talking to other person. And not just to successfully solve an conflict, but to show to our interlocutor how we can react positive on their bad attitude.

Every fifth person we meet in just one day had a chance to have a bad day or just being grumpy in such manner that he doesn’t want to comply to other human being. So, we need to have in mind that no matter how great day we have, there is always an possibility of challenges from other people and their moods in everyday life. First phrase I’m telling to myself for years, and I’ll tell you the same is that you don’t have to take anything personal from any person on this planet. Rude comment or statement have nothing to do with you, it’s just the pattern of their behavior for that day (and that is caused by several factors but we don’t have an ability to see bigger picture of someone’s day. Just take your example and that will be clearer for you) and if that specific person does not have a motivation for a normal communication for that day, your job is just to be aware and conscious and possibility of conflict will be automatically reduced for 50% and more. But, just that specific moment is hard to recognize and in that moment our ego wants to defend himself, and on the other side conflict is smiling.

Because of nature of my work, in last time I have chance to talk with a lots lots of people with different temper, class and age which was really contributed to my analysis to get some practice. Beside that, before working I really was self aware and really trying to have respect for every single person and be kind to everyone around me. On that, I want to add that we all are the one and a stranger maybe is not a stranger. We all are connected in some way. So, for me is really important to be nice to others. I have an attitude that there’s is something good in every single human being and that everyone deserves good approach. Mother Teresa once said that we need start from our selves when it comes to changes. If everyone starts from them selves, we would have a whole new and different world. Full of tolerance and respect. That’s why we need to be a good example.

That is really my life philosophy and if I put a smile on one single person it is really my pleasure. But, as always, my kindness does not have influence on everyone. Some people are just not use to be treated with kindness. At first they can be really confused but after that stage they will react. I must say that I really had a great experience with that kinds of people. In the end they are so happy that my heart melts and I really would like to see that everyone around me starts to use kindness for healing other.

Being kind doesn’t mean that you’re forced to be nice. And doesn’t mean that everyone will love you if you are kind. No! This is just a helpful tool in communication with the rest of the world. And it has a lots of benefits. You will be way happier, other in your surroundings will be too.

Let’s try this one out. Try to make someone happy today just by being kind!

Aurora Reside