Pardot — The Latest Marketing Automation Tool By Salesforce

Salesforce which is recognized as the world’s most innovative brands has made yet another achievement by introducing Pardot, which is the latest marketing technology along with constant innovation. Pardot and Salesforce teams work together to give their customers the best in class marketing features that are conceptualized and developed to make their customers confident and have a cutting edge over their competitors. Innovation is at the core that ultimately leads to excellent result in the marketing strategy for business organization, be it small or large.

Pardot which is a part of the Salesforce eco-system can leverage all of the close integration abilities as that provided by AppExchange. Pardot business customers have been creating a limitless, seamless sales and marketing workflow, by the combined use of Pardot with API calls. With the use of this latest and innovative marketing technology, the marketing tools and the Salesforce CRM works together which helps in connecting to all the marketing channels easily leading towards the success of the company. So, working with Pardot is a simplified experience for both, the business organization and its customers, which ultimately leads to your company’s success. Pardot’s mantra is very simple and motivating as it says, “do more, stress less.” The sales and marketing teams can work together with Pardot and Salesforce Engage to be successful and transform their business with B2B marketing automation.

Pardot Services Experience

Customer satisfaction is the prime focus at Pardot, which is never compromised or neglected and the company has employed the largest number of employees dedicated to client service and support. The company provides product training, implementation assistance, best practice recommendations and ongoing support, acting as a true partner for the marketing team. The company also provides online Knowledge Base to empower its costumers to get anytime help from Pardot which is a trusted, on-demand resource, apart from its expert team of specialists. To support continued learning of our clients and help you answer all your queries, the Knowledge Base includes hundreds of articles.

Features of Pardot

Pardot, along with Salesforce provides B2B Marketing Automation that serves intelligent marketing with driving Sales. Features of Pardot that help business to grow exceptionally and successfully are as follows:-

Generate High Quality Leads

  • Generate leads with forms and landing pages
  • Connect faster with personalized email marketing
  • Optimise customers’ emails for the inbox
  • Personalize the buying experience

Streamline Lead Management

  • Educate leads with lead nurturing
  • Enable sales with lead qualification
  • Assign leads at the right time-automatically

Connect faster from anywhere with Saleforce Engage

  • Unite sales and marketing with Salesforce Engage
  • Improve follow-up speed with real-time alerts
  • Understand the company’s leads more completely

Calculate marketing ROI

  • Attribute revenue with closed-loop reporting
  • Measure sales campaign success
  • Understand sales funnel health.

Easy to Start-up with Pardot

For its new customers, Pardot provides the option to choose a Quick Start On boarding Package and a dedicated and skilled implementation coordinator is assigned for swift coordination during the initial 60 days. During this time, the clients also build account assets, map out key processes and develop first few campaigns with the help of the company’s services representatives. Pardot’s onboard customers have access to a select team of Client Advocates who provide exclusive office hours, conduct strategy sessions, perform account audits, keep the customers updated on new features and ensure that all the costumers have 24x7 supports while working with Pardot. The company provides services and support team across the globe with offices located world-wide. Customers of Pardot are privileged to get all of the following services:-

  • Ongoing technical support via in-app chat and email
  • Daily, virtual office hours and strategy sessions with Pardot’s Client Advocate team
  • Live, weekly and free trainings, including deep-dive webinars on specific features
  • Access to Pardot’s Idea Exchange to submit and vote on new product features
  • Free, local user groups in cities across the globe
  • Unlimited access to the Pardot Knowledge Base

So, get ready to boost your company’s sales with B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce and lead your company in exceeding company revenue by large scale.

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