What I Learned From Working at Uber
Amy Sun

In the interest of giving you a chance to succeed, yet holding you accountable, to allow you to make solutions, not excuses,

What responsibility do you share in all the ethical and illegal problems at Uber?

The sexual harassment

The illegal lobbying

The breaking of laws in almost every city

The privacy invasions

The stalking of reporters

The assaults on drivers that stem from asking them to work in unsafe conditions (no Uber provided dashcams or self-defense course or app based safety monitoring)

The assaults on riders that stem from inadequate background checks

The false claims Uber made to prospective drivers, likely directly enabled by the web pages you designed.

The murders of drivers that came from accepting cash

The gutting of relatively well paying taxi jobs for sub minimum wage driving jobs with Uber

The misclassification of drivers as “partners” and the bogus claims drivers are “independent businesses” even though legally they can only drive for Uber, and Uber precludes them from having any repeat customer relationship, or setting prices, or advertising their own services as a driver.

What responsibility do you share for traffic accidents like this one caused by an Uber driver that killed the person whose car he hit? https://www.geekwire.com/2017/man-dies-following-crash-uber-also-set-off-fiery-explosion-seattle-gas-station/

What responsibility do you share for enabling a company to pay drivers so low they will work 18 hour days (or longer) sleep in their car a few hours then drive the next day?

What responsibility do you share for the traffic accidents these tired overworked drivers cause?

What responsibility do you share for all the societal harms that Uber has caused that you enabled?


Because I don’t see any reflection on your part of any of this in your nice little essay on what you learned from working at Uber.

See also Joseph Rotblat.

Anyway, food for thought Harvard Girl and enjoy your time at Facebook, at least that place knows some ethics… (lol)


How are you owning this?

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