UX lesson learnt: Unprepared circumstances

Frankly, I LOVE to see unexpected results or outcomes of everything I did. I feel like I was pleased every time I face something out of control because I’ve just learnt something I haven’t thought about it before.

Today I randomly listened to a podcast from UX Podcast featuring Airbnb UX Director Katie Dill about how to deal with uncontrolled user journeys and working collaboratively in an organisation.

Katie gives many interesting insights from her work experiences on crafting digital service. It’s clearly that there is always a thing that we cannot control, especially when it comes to user journey — plenty of factors out there e.g. user environment and emotions. Some wise tips she points out that I like are..

1. Thinking about the big picture

Don’t just focus on results from your specific role but imagine larger result as a project and organisation. Intentionally, this is when people from different roles in your team should gather and share what they think differently in order to broaden team’s perspective.

2. An impact of what you do

When it comes to products and service you create, it’s good to think about what they can contribute to the world not just only our clients. This is very helpful when I have difficult time dealing with unprepared circumstance because my aim is to solve people’s problem, regardless of general requirements. By doing this, I gradually gain more productive solution to cope with uncontrolled factors.

3. Expectation = Reality + Happiness

I really like this equation. It paints a clear picture of moments that happens to us every single day. Kate mentions the way we can balance these factors to keep everyone in the same page by setting expectations and improving reality. This defines a step that we can apply this to what is out of our control.

I used to hate what I cannot control but I’ve just recently discovered how much I enjoy going along the flow and let myself solve the problems realtime in real life. Still, there are also a lot of things that I want to share about uncontrollable matters related to UX, design and innovation.

That’s all for me now. Very enjoy my first time writing on Medium as I’ve been a readers for years.

You can check the full podcast here :)


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