Why I (mostly) dropped off twitter

I certainly came to the realization you just mention back in 2010, where all the hip for twitter was just taking off. And I can relate. After a being a moderate “celebrity” for a while, and even with the good fortune of meeting who became my wife later on, I just had enough of it and, for mostly the same reasons, I dropped it like you, even with a write down post of why I left, and with the abstinence syndrome kicking in, just as you described.

I look back to that time and I feel like a lot changed for me (I wasn’t even a JS developer back in the day) but all the change was for good. I learned to pick my battles, and to be moderate about them: not to censor myself about everything, but just to know when and who to address my rants about. I feel that by learning to do so, I had more time for myself, to think, to wonder, to fill other people’s shoes and get to their reasons about how they think like they think.

I just recently reopened twitter (just to keep track of Fluent 2016, which I attended) and with this new me, after 5 years of not using it, I felt like an outsider, like nothing about the platform made sense anymore. So the profile is still open, but abandoned. Like a drug that has no power over you. I hope that you can get to that point sometime as well.

As per the business, have you considered YouTube? There’s a lot of talks hosted there, but not really so many day-to-day dev youtubers that talk about the things they love to do. (I follow Mattias Petter Johansson’s account which I find particularly inspiring). To YouTube’s point over Twitter, a video can give you a lot more freedom to express your point of view, without putting much thought about the wording you choose: you can always create another video dedicated to a single thing that was missing later on. And hearing people as opposed to reading them, is particularly empowering, especially on younger generations who are beginning to value and cherish that fact.

I wrote this comment directed to Kyle, but I think it could be of good use for anybody.